Independent, Mixed Assessment of Trump Presidency

Now that some weeks have passed, and some emotions have cooled, from the tumult surrounding the wild ending of the Donald Trump presidency, I’ll offer an assessment of the short but eventful four-year period.

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Statement on the Capitol Violence

As most should know by now, on Wednesday, a group of apparently pro-Trump insurrectionist thugs illegally and violently stormed the U.S. Capitol. I strongly and unconditionally repudiate this behavior, period. I am resolutely consistent in condemning violence, regardless of who perpetrates it. No exceptions. People I might agree with on some issues do not get […]

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Musings on JFK, 22 November

Realizing, to my own surprise, that I’ve never said much on this medium about John F. Kennedy and his legacy, this date serves as a good reminder to make note of that era. I can’t do so in any way that would do full justice — that would take hundreds of pages of writings — […]

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