Active Repression of Journalism by U.S. Federal Officials

U.S. authorities under the last three presidents have wanted to extradite freelance reporter Julian Assange, currently held without cause in a British prison, to face U.S. prison for practicing journalism. The domestic-spying deep state hacked into the computer of longtime reporter Sharyl Attkisson during the Obama administration. More recently, using warrants signed by puppet judges, […]

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SkyPix Photography Is in NFT Space

I’m now in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)! I have been investing in cryptocurrencies for several years now and understand blockchain technology, so as an art creator using photography, NFTs were a logical leap to make. Two 15-image OpenSea galleries are fully ready as a start, with plans for more over time from my […]

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Ethics in Science: Fauci Must Go

As a scientist who publishes peer-reviewed research, I strongly support and favor scientific work, the scientific method with reproducibility and falsifiability, and science as problem-solver for human civilization. However, I’m not one of those who raises science to the level of a false god, to be served at all costs, morals and ethics be damned. […]

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