Independent, Mixed Assessment of Trump Presidency

Now that some weeks have passed, and some emotions have cooled, from the tumult surrounding the wild ending of the Donald Trump presidency, I’ll offer an assessment of the short but eventful four-year period.

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Fort Worth Mega-Wreck

As of this writing, about 16 hours after it started in the pre-dawn darkness, the massive icing-related vehicle pileup on I-35 in near northern Fort Worth has claimed 6 lives, with at least 65 people being treated for injuries. Here’s a rolling story from local TV station WFAA channel 8. We’ve seen horror scenes like […]

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Making National Debt Relatable

A game has been going around some social media relating large quantities, like a million or billion, to time. This is to get people to understand how large really huge numbers really can be. I support that. Here’s a more-relatable version. If you earn $20 an hour, that’s a little over half a cent per […]

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