R.I.P. Walter Williams

The prominent economist, educator and socioeconomic commentator Walter E. Williams died a couple nights ago, apparently in his sleep, of causes yet known at this writing. His best friend and fellow longtime economist and columnist, Dr. Thomas Sowell, penned this brief tribute within a day. I related well to him, though we were vastly different […]

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Scattershooting 201124

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to pro-life, strong-military, low-tax Democrats…like John F. Kennedy! … TOP-10 STORM-OBSERVING PHOTOS from 2020 I’ve posted my top-10 in 2020 storm-intercept photos page a little early this year, and also, added links to each of the other years going back to 2010. Enjoy this journey through ten amazing skyscapes!… UTERINE […]

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Musings on JFK, 22 November

Realizing, to my own surprise, that I’ve never said much on this medium about John F. Kennedy and his legacy, this date serves as a good reminder to make note of that era. I can’t do so in any way that would do full justice — that would take hundreds of pages of writings — […]

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