Scattershooting 171220

Scattershooting while wondering what happened to honor, courage and integrity as virtues to aspire… … STUPID, COMPLICATED, WOEFULLY INSUFFICIENT NEW TAX BILL: The new tax bill does a few good things (such as repeal the horrid Obamacare mandate), but in sum total, is a massive waste of time and taxpayer money. Now, for me personally, […]

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Bernie Sanders Fans: How to Overcome Socioeconomic Ignorance

Yes, here in the U.S., government research developed many great ideas (lots of basic science and tech research), along with some horrible ones (nuclear war and forms of eugenics) that get ignored by pro-bureaucracy socialists.

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On Trust

People generally are kept at arm’s length or longer, and in specific compartments or ladder levels of trust. This is just who I am. I fully admit this, and you just have to deal with it, if you want my friendship or favor.

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