Election 2016 Part 5: Left-Wing Self-Examination

Remember, I did not vote for Trump. Yet I sympathize with the plight of the great majority of those who did, who are non-racist, non-sexist, who just want to have a better life, who don’t want government interference in their personal and business issues, nor Federal theft of their hard-earned wages to subsidize sinful causes and waste and bureaucratic inefficiencies. I don’t think Trump will provide that, but after the last eight years of a failed radical-left-wing Presidential experiment, the most extreme leftism this nation has known, I don’t blame Trump voters for their desperation.

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Election 2016 Part 4: Left-wing Anguish, Hate and Violence

These illustrate the extreme yet still present element of the Left that need to be policed by the party that preaches peace and tolerance.

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Election 2016 Part 3: Conservatism and Conservatives in Danger

Emotional reactionaries on the left jump on these without first taking due time to verify the nature and motivations of the criminals, then say, “See, Trump supporters need to speak out against these evils!” Fine. Many of them are. Now leftists also need to call out and police the false-flag crimes and hate originated in their own realm.

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