Corporate Computing Conceit and Cowardice

Maybe their capitulation to extortionists was a “business decision”. If so, that’s more evidence of Sony’s selfishness and stupidity–it essentially dooms them to a slower-drip torture at the hands of the hackers (who probably will keep leaking regardless), slower but unavoidable loss of corporate bottom-line balances until inevitable bankruptcy, and an avalanche of lawsuits that have only just begun (and which will contribute to said bankruptcy).

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False Equivalencies?

God bless all atheists; for they (as me and everyone else, religious or not, whether one chooses to have faith in this or not) are made in His image and have become imperfect through sin.

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Backlash to a Backlash to a Backlash…

Both sides have a history of offering profuse lip service to compromise until it means they actually have to give up something.

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