“Poverty” in America, Part I: Establishing Credibility in the Discussion

Low-rated inner-city schools with drugs and gangs? I attended them. Roaches and rats in the walls and on the floors as a child? Check. No AC in the Texas in hundred-degree heat? That was us. Inability to pay a mounting pile of bills even when the head-of-household was fully and gainfully employed? Been there, done that–all of it. How about you?

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We’re Like, Protesting or Something

When I see these so-called “protestors”, I see neither true idealists nor democracy in action. Instead I see well-fed, spoiled, entitled, over-priveleged, self-indulgent pretenders, merely looking for a convenient excuse to hang out, put on a show, and accomplish nothing useful–all while mindlessly following their fellow lemmings in some watered-down version of a pseudo-countercultural fad. […]

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Who’da Thunk It?

Something bizarre is about to happen.

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