Facebook “Friends” and Me

A flurry of “friend” requests has arrived in my Facebook account lately from people I don’t know. Why this is happening, I have no guess. Thanks for the thoughts, but don’t get bent out of shape if I don’t know you and don’t take it. If you have pinged me to be your Facebook “friend”, […]

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Oklahoma Blizzard, Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve, here in Norman, we had a rare event for these parts — a genuine blizzard. An event of perhaps greater rarity has ensued: a white Christmas! The “official” NWS blizzard requires sustained 35 mph winds accompanied by visibilities at or below 1/4 mile, with blowing snow, all of which lasts for at least […]

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Removing “System Defender” Malware

McAfee, Norton, Ad-Aware, and Spybot all are absolutely helpless and useless against it.

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