Christmas Wishes for the Shift Workers

It’s Christmas Eve night, and folks are in their own homes or those of family or friends, celebrating the birth of our Lord, and all the good and great things that means. Let us remember that not everybody is home. Hundreds of thousands of people are working tonight, and will be on Christmas Day and […]

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Central Oklahoma Ice Storm

First a Tropical Storm, Now an Ice Storm… We in central Oklahoma just finished the bulk of an episodic, two-day ice storm that rendered nearly a half million residents without electricity, the largest figure in state history. Schools are closing for at least two days — more because of power outages and direct blockages by […]

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Darwin, Darwin, Darwin, Darwin, Darwin and more Darwin

In checking the activity log for this BLOG, I’ve noticed dozens upon dozens of searches for “Darwin” over the past several weeks, appearing out of nowhere. That’s interesting, because when such a search is performed, all that comes up (until this post, anyway) is a brief mention of a quote from a storm chasing lecture […]

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