Federal Phone Tax Refund

I’m about to get you some money. “Finder’s fee” kickbacks at 50% are welcome (contact me offline for PayPal address). 🙂

Barring that, this will pay for a dinner out for your family and mine.

Federal Long-Distance Phone Tax Refund

It’s basically a refund of a stupid old tax that shouldn’t have been collected to begin with. This may not be news to some readers of this BLOG who already have heard, but it’s important to spread the word as far and wide as possible so that every long distance calling taxpayer can claim what is duly owed by the government.

If you’ve had phones with long distance service since February 2003, you’re eligible. You can add up the excise tax from your old phone bills back for up to 41 months, or take a standardized allowances listed in by the IRS at the link above. For the standardized payola, you just claim it on your tax return. That’s it. The cashola is there for the taking. No proof or documentation of any kind is required.

[It so happens I’ve saved my land-line and cellular telephone bill receipts for years, but I haven’t perused them yet to see if it would be more lucrative to claim them. Since I only have long distance service on my cell phone, maybe or maybe not.]

The catch is that you need to claim this refund on this year’s upcoming tax returns. Otherwise, kiss it good-bye.

Itemizing isn’t needed since it’s simply a tax refund (not a deduction). Turbo-Tax and like software for the upcoming season should have the form and generic refund amounts each built in, but it’s best to double check.

For more information, see this site (no endorsement of the company behind it is implied!): Technology Change Management’s Phone Tax Refund Description. Contrary to their sales pitch, there really is no need to “contact them” to determine your eligibility; the IRS link is very clear on that, and I’ve summarized it succinctly above.


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