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I launched the Meatwagon Award in 1998 as a semi-serious, semi-humorous thing to honor those who have made a positive contribution to safety, education and responsibility in storm observing. Winners will be announced on an irregular basis. All winners receive an attractive color certificate (with images of the Meatwagon) to brighten their home or office decor, along with authentic pieces of the vehicle itself to cherish for all time!

WINNER (11 Mar 6, Colleyville TX):

David Hoadley

...the "Father of Storm Chasing" -- for an unmatched legacy of contributions to the storm observing community, including: his five decades of safe, responsible and conscientious storm observing; educational efforts through founding StormTrack and through many other media; unique skill at depicting stormy skies in words, photographs and cartoons.

WINNER (21 Feb 4, Garland TX):

Al Moller

...for his intensive efforts to educate and train spotters, chasers, other meteorologists, and the public, his devotion to ethics of chasing, and his numerous contributions in imagery and knowledge from his own decades of successful storm observing.

WINNER (9 Feb 99, Lubbock TX):

Chuck Doswell

...for his long-time devotion to safe, responsible storm observing, his unsurpassed record of severe storms related research, and his insight into storm chasing and tornadoes.

WINNER (5 Mar 98, Wheaton IL):

Gilbert Sebenste

for his pioneering, educational and very handy Storm Chaser Home Page (which since has been absorbed into the StormTrack site).

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