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Night Lightning

Tower-to-Tower Lightning

Tower-to-Tower Lightning

This was my first night lightning pic, using a car top to brace a then 20 year old Mamiya 35 mm SLR. A bolt hurdled thousands of feet of clear air between the main storm tower and a flanking tower, prompting shoutes of "Did you get that, did you get that?" from Rich Thompson, who was standing nearby enjoying the electrical display. Back then, I had to wait days until the slide film was developed by a trustworthy lab to find out, without the nearly instantaneous confirmation of a digital camera. The strike had a few ohms of resistance to overcome, perhaps? Filamentous "hairs" protruded from the big channel in several places, each a failed step leader. In-cloud lightning set the main storm tower aglow from within, revealing cloud structure.

Norman OK (15 Sep 86) Looking SE