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The Stockton Occlusion

The Stockton Occlusion

(Part 5 of 5) The Stockton tornado veered northwestward, away from a path which had been directed almost straight toward the town. The downdraft had cut almost all the way around the mesocyclone; and the deeply occluded circulation was dying. Within a couple of minutes, the tornado would rope out faintly in the valley of the South Fork Solomon River, embedded in rain but still visible. Although a new mesocyclone formed just to its E (and our N) near Stockton, the thunderstorm moved across the old outflow boundary into stable, foggy air. Within 20 minutes after the end of this tornado, the entire supercell had utterly vanished, without a trace! It was as if the storm existed for the sole purpose of putting on a harmless tornado spectacle for those few storm observers fortunate enough to "find a needle in a haystack."

5 SSW Stockton KS (15 May 99), looking NW