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My luck with tornado photos used to be worse than my luck with tornadoes themselves. Example? Saw (and videotaped) 10 tornadoes in 3 straight chases in 1991, photographing 7 of them -- but one roll of film came back way overexposed; the other, blurred and overexposed. The rolls without tornadoes were fine -- of course. I have more pictures than I care to admit of distant and/or low-contrast tornadoes. There are a few of those here for identification purposes; after all, few tornadoes are "perfect specimens". Still, during stretches of the late 1990s, mid 2000s and early 2000-teens, my fortunes with photogenic tornadoes finally improved.

Sunlit Funnel Tip

Sargent Tornado Underway

"Elephant Trunk" Tornado

Funnels Aplenty

Funnels Away

The Caged Bear

Rain-wrapped Tornado

More Rain-wrapped Tornado

Tornadic Mini-supercell

Wind Farm Tornado:
Getting Organized

Wind Farm Tornado:
One Turbine Hit

Wind Farm Tornado:
Multiple Vortices

Wind Farm Tornado:
Two Tubes

Wind Farm Tornado:
Another Direct Hit

Vortex Within

Across State Line

Tornadic Marionette

LeFors Wall Cloud & Tornado


Violent Wedge approaching
Bridge Creek OK

Off 19

Kansas High Plains Tornado

Slapout Early

Cone in Rain
on the Plain

Funnel Tip

Slapout Late

Custer City Spinup

Custer City Spindown

Multivortex in
the Bear's Cage

Dust Tube Spout

No Funnel

Fuzzy Cone

McClellan Lake TX Tornado

Scorpion Tail Tornado

Stromsburg Brute

Vortex Narrowing

Stromsburg Rope-out

Spencer SD Tornado

Cold-core Tornado

Capulin Landspout

Scorpion Stinger Tornado

Dragging a Dust Plume

Early Aurora Tornado

Churning Closer

Menacing Aurora

Patricia Tornado

Vigo Vigor

Lowering Funnel

Tornado behind Rain

Two Funnels

Stern Chase Surprise

Hill City Tornado

Classic Oklahoma Tornado

Tornado with
Subvortex Filaments

Tornado through the Rain

Interstate in Danger

Hampton Tornado
after I-80

Early St. Peter Vortex

True Tornado Tail Tale

St. Peter Tornado Zoom

Pleasant Little Tornado

Scuddy Rope-out

Parting Kiss

Look, BeHIND You!

Space Ship Storm
& Massive Tornado

Satellite Tornado

Chugwater Sequence 1

Chugwater Sequence 2

Chugwater Sequence 3

Chugwater Sequence 4

Chugwater Sequence 5

Chugwater Sequence 6

Chugwater Sequence 7

Chugwater Sequence 8

Colorado Landspout

Tilted Cone

Deuel Vortex

Stovepipe Tornado

Sky Worm

Violent El Reno/
Piedmont Wedge

EF5 Wedge with
Satellite Tornado

Distant Fat One

Bradshaw: Cone
and Sheath

Bradshaw: Big Picture

Caution: Tornado Crossing

Classic Kansas Tornado

Mature Stockton Tornado

Stockton Tornado Zoom

The Stockton Occlusion

Not a Tornado!

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