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Funnels Aplenty

Funnels Aplenty

(Part 5 of 6) After several minutes of cruising slowly across the central Nebraska prairies, with little damage except to fences and ant hills, the Sargent tornado began to narrow. Its condensation funnel "roped out" slowly while still touching the ground, as the cloud base outpaced the ground circulation. This process is very common for tornadoes. The sudden development of another funnel nearby (and slightly in front) is not! Already stricken with senses of wonderment and accomplishment at having witnessed the lifespan of a beautiful tornado, puzzlement set in too. Why did another funnel form, and form there? If I had all the answers to this and other mysteries of tornado formation, I would be appearing on the nightly news, arms full of gleaming plaques and trophies. Instead, I merely snapped the shutter, observing, appreciating, and marveling at the unending capacity of our skies to surprise, enlighten and arouse curiosity all at once, and further, deeply thankful for the opportunity to be there and oshare the experience with someone special. And that's reward enough.

10 SSW Sargent NE (9 Jun 3), Looking NW