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Daytime Lightning

Virga Strike

Virga Strike

As another of several consecutive New Mexico storm intercepts drew to a close, we were treated to a colorful sunset framed by lightning from a very high-based thunderstorm. Numerous strikes came from this linear area of dense virga streaks as it moved our way, their sharp reports of thunder reverberating deeply across the wide and treeless tablelands. The brisk outflow air behind an earlier thunderstorm complex became frigid as the virga storm approached, hurling down not only electric leaders but chilling winds. Al Moller, a highly respected colleague, friend and fellow storm photographer, captured precisely this same shot, at almost the same focal length and center point. Al was crouched just a few feet away, also holding down a tripod aganst the cold wind. Wanting neither to suffer hypothermia nor to be charred by lightning, we soon abandoned our high promontory south of Ft. Sumner for the night's lodging, content with the fine collection of stormy skies given to us by the Land of Enchantment over the preceding days.

29 SSW Ft. Sumner NM (5 Jun 3) looking WNW