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Stovepipe Tornado

Stovepipe Tornado

(Part 2 of 3) This long-lived (over half an hour) tornado was obviously well organized and probably quite intense at times, capable of great damage to a populated area. During its early and small stage it injured two kids in an overturned vehicle along I-80 and destroyed some unanchored mobile homes. Fortunately, the tornado missed nearby settlements and passed over open farm and ranch land as it became still better organized (shown here, in the shape of a thick stovepipe). Although we were in what usually is an optimal photographic position to the east and southeast of the tornado, a deep, dense core of rain and hail was wrapping around the opposite side, reducing available light and contrast near the tornado, while we bathed in a most unwelcome shaft of glaring sunlight. That was a tough break, a tremendous photographic challenge, and we were quite fortunate to get any decent images at all on still film or video.

2 N Big Springs NE (10 Jun 4), Looking NNW