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The Majestic Supercell

Barber Pole

Barber Pole

Clearly this jaw-dropping storm structure would reward any effort of travel by the dedicated weather buff or photographic enthusiast. We sometimes wander afield in futility for day after day, across many hundreds of miles of prairie and scrub, in dogged pursuit of such a "dream storm," only to watch a season, perhaps many seasons, pass without. And then, and all spins together -- almost in our back yard! We saw this storm form to the distant WSW while getting groceries near home in Norman, and after a pit stop at the home pantry to unload, cruised out and let this twisted tower of splendor drift right over us. It may have been my shortest, cleanest, simplest, most purely fun storm trip in at least nine years. Quaint old barber-shop signals are almost gone; but at times their helical form lives on in water vapor and sunlight, somewhere on the plains.

3 SW Verden OK (3 Apr 3) Looking W