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This weblog is our first and something totally new for us at stormeyes.org. It’s also part of an ongoing redesign of the whole stormeyes site. We wanted something that would make it easier for us to share the fun and update friends of adventures from the road, in libraries or using our rather ancient little laptop. We’ll see how it goes. Mostly this blog will be used during the main storm season and perhaps the second season in fall — if we get a second season this year. We might add storm related posts at other times, too, but look for most of the activity to occur between March and July. Time permitting, I hope to initiate a personal weblog for other exercises in writing soon. We were blessed to make it out to Western Oklahoma and look at a couple of supercells back in March, on the 27th. This was such a good time! We managed to avoid the large hail and see a small brief tornado. Al Pietrycha gave us some nowcasting via the cell phone from northern climes – thanks, Alnado! We also ran into Rich Thompson and Corey Mead on the roadside, with whom we enjoyed a fine sunset, watching the last storm of the day trim painted sails and drift off to the east. We topped the day off in the best way possible – a steak dinner with Chuck & Vickie Doswell, together with Al Moller and others. It was a such a pleasure to see you all again! Our account is listed in the archive for March (more images to follow). It’s also here with lots more images and links. This weblog is made possible by a neat bit of freeware (for personal sites) called MoveableType. I’m still on a learning curve here with regards to content management systems, but excited to have the opportunity to dabble. Thanks for checking in with Roger and I. Hope we see you again real soon. Elke Edwards, KB0YWO Norman, OK ~~~


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At the end of his summary post to WxChase list serv, Shane Adams wrote:

>Aside: Happened to catch Elke smacking Roger with a map
>while driving through Custer City, heh.

We continued to hear from all sorts of folks about this little incident. Imagine our surprise, when a friend called to direct us to a poll being conducted on Stormtrack.org:

Why did Elke hit Roger with a map in Custer City?


28%-He wouldn’t stop talking about the Dallas Cowboys trading for Keyshawn
12%-He was scribbling the 20Z on a napkin while driving
20%-He wouldn’t stop talking about the south Atlantic hurricane (he did talk about it some)
32%-Because he was there (~.~)
8%-Never forgave him for selling The Meatwagon (were they kidding!?)

The correct answer is, of course, None of the Above

I responded to Shane’s post with the following:

I keep hearing about this from all sorts of folks. It’s as if it were posted in a tabloid!

We had a day much like what has been described already, got on storm A just as it was crossing I-40. We didn’t much like that cold look to the updraft base the whole time we were on it. After we finally got over the Foss Dam (stuck behind a fire vehicle doing 15mph in light hail) and back ahead of it, the storm looked even worse, strung out as well as cold. Roger could be heard steadily berating it for several minutes … right up to the moment we made a fortuitous left turn for a quick stop and I said,

Gee, Roger, there’s a tornado over there!

We were still laughing about it later on, when the love of my life started in on a classic bit of bull, claiming he had secretly believed in that storm the whole time, oh, he just knew it would PRODUCE! He was just trying to chastise it into better behavior. Since I didn’t have with me the Texas BS repellant spray he had given me on our marriage (for real), I’m sure you can imagine I had to take other action 🙂

We had a great time and it was precious, when time off from work and kids for a weekend coincided with a chase day. Hearing the rumble of continuous thunder and watching the Weatherford supercell hoist sails and drift off painted by the sunset – that was the icing on the cake. It may be a circus to chase out here, but it’s really good to see many friends too!


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