This weblog was our first and was something totally new for us at stormeyes.org. It’s also part of an ongoing redesign of the whole stormeyes site. We wanted something that would make it easier for us to share the fun and update friends of adventures from the road, in libraries or using our laptops. Mostly this blog will be used during the main storm season and perhaps the second season in fall — if we get a second season this year. We might add storm related posts at other times, too, but look for most of the activity to occur between March and July.¬† This weblog is made possible by a neat bit of open source called WordPress. Theme is a customization of one of Brian Gardner’s from the RevolutionTwo lineup, now also open source.

Roger also has a personal blog, Weather or Not.

Please visit our professional site at www.insojourn.com featuring dramatic stock photography from us and several other contributors, as well as my design portfolio.

I will soon  be converting our stormeyes gallery, long neglected, into a photoblog.

Thanks for checking in with Roger and I. Hope we see you again real soon.

Elke Edwards, KB0YWO Norman, OK ~~~