Spouting Off around Cheyenne Wells

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Cheyenne Wells and Kit Carson CO storms
19 Jun 8

SHORT: Viewed three nonsupercellular tornadoes (NSTs) over S-central Cheyenne County CO, from line of TCu located S of persistent left-moving storm.
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Blobulus Barfus Windbaggus

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All-Afternoon Stern Chase
SW Nebraska and NW KS Outflow Dominant MCS

18 Jun 8

SHORT: Unsuccessful (if inflow view is the goal) stern chase of HP-turned-MCS and later tail-end supercell across SW NEb and NW KS.
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The Carhenge Supercell

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Near Alliance NE
17 Jun 8

SHORT: Intercepted beautiful classic supercell N AIA, storm became outflow dominant, picturesque sunset at Carhenge.
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