Welcome to 2005

February 21, 2005 by
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Hey, thanks for visiting. This weblog is our first and something totally new for us at stormeyes.org. It’s also part of an ongoing redesign of the whole stormeyes site. We wanted something that would make it easier for us to share the fun and update friends of adventures from the road, in libraries or using our new laptop. The first year went pretty well (see below), at least till all the miles got the better of our will to write during two weeks of chase vacation. I (Elke) am actually enjoying learning the format and the MT application quite a bit.

We totally welcome your comments. Unfortunately, blogs have become prone to spamming, so all comments have to be viewed and approved now before they are posted. Authenticating with Typekey expedites this process while sticking a fork in the spam.

Mostly this blog will be used during the main storm season and perhaps the second season in fall — when we get a second season. We might add related posts and updates at other times, too, but look for most of the activity to occur between March and July.


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