Communicating Forecasts for Dangerous Weather: Points and Counterpoints

That improvement role need not reside solely or even largely with the forecasters themselves. The forecasters are educated and trained not as social scientists or graphics artists, but as expert tropical meteorologists, and are the best in the world at what they do, bar none. I see the bulk of needed work — and this applies to other hazardous weather types too — as further along the chain of the Integrated Warning System.

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Maria’s Destruction of San Juan Radar

The resulting debris-peppered airstream battered the dome piece by piece and gust by gust, until panels started loosening and coming apart under the combined stress of wind forces and high-velocity “sandblasting” effects.

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Irma Update: Keys in Trouble

I hope everybody still in the Keys after this afternoon (and only a very few should be!) is in a sturdy concrete structure at least on the second story, with access to windowless interior rooms, and enough provisions to survive over a week on their own without power and running water.

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