Infamous Storm-Intercept Quotations

In the 1990s heydays of weather-discussion e-mail groups WX-CHASE, WX-TALK, and the private storm-observing listserv CFDG (now defunct), I had built up quite a collection of odd and funny storm-chasing quotes uttered from the mouths of assorted companions afield, anonymized so as not to implicate the guilty. A few more were added to the stack […]

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Guest Column on Tuesday’s Deadly Chase Wreck

Next time, it could be a van full of stormchasing tourists. It could be innocent locals in a church van or a school bus…or a family with kids.

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Storm-chase Live Streaming and Fresh Tragedy

Bits and pieces of an entry solely about storm-chaser live streaming have been swirling in my head for some time now — partly inspired, ironically enough, by recent years’ viewing of live streams of one of the chasers (Kelley Williamson) who died in the crash near Spur, TX, two afternoons ago. I did not know […]

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