Scattershooting 161023

Scattershooting while wondering where defense went in OU football… … HAZARDOUS-WEATHER FORECASTING and COMMUNICATION: “IDSS” — a bureaucratic acronym standing for “Integrated Decision Support System” — is the pop-fad buzzword in today’s public weather services. Behind all the frivolous sloganeering (“Weather Ready Nation”) and even more needless managerial lingo bingo, is a nugget of extreme […]

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Scattershooting 160508

Scattershooting while mourning the loss of Blackie Sherrod, one of the greatest sportswriters…hell, one of the greatest journalistic writers, period, of my lifetime. He started the “scattershooting” tradition many decades ago; and I, for one, plan to carry it forward by doing the same from time to time, on this BLOG, in my style. Get […]

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Yet Another Left-Wing Lunacy

Just when I thought the high-horse eco-moralizing of the pompous environmental jihadists could go no further, here comes documentation of yet another growing dirty snowball of loony left-wing stupidity. Behold the war on air conditioning. Do you actually buy this outlandish crapola? Yes, like the women in the Washington post link, sometimes I get cold […]

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