Review of “The Man Who Caught the Storm” by Brantley Hargrove

Hargrove showed other writers that captivating factual writing is indeed possible. That should be the default approach for writers on this subject!

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Independent Advice for Players in Climate Science and Policy

Remember this fact (and it is fact): while we are commanded to love our neighbor and be stewards of the Earth, Jesus never said, “Love thy neighbor using government as proxy”, or, “Steward Earth by using our rulers as monetary shakedown goons.” If you think he did…well, I used to live in Missouri, so…show me, those specific words, using any Bible translation you wish. I’ll not hold my breath waiting.

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Infamous Storm-Intercept Quotations

In the 1990s heydays of weather-discussion e-mail groups WX-CHASE, WX-TALK, and the private storm-observing listserv CFDG (now defunct), I had built up quite a collection of odd and funny storm-chasing quotes uttered from the mouths of assorted companions afield, anonymized so as not to implicate the guilty. A few more were added to the stack […]

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