Guest Column on Tuesday’s Deadly Chase Wreck

Next time, it could be a van full of stormchasing tourists. It could be innocent locals in a church van or a school bus…or a family with kids.

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Storm-chase Live Streaming and Fresh Tragedy

Bits and pieces of an entry solely about storm-chaser live streaming have been swirling in my head for some time now — partly inspired, ironically enough, by recent years’ viewing of live streams of one of the chasers (Kelley Williamson) who died in the crash near Spur, TX, two afternoons ago. I did not know […]

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“Alt” and “Rogue” Social Media Accounts are Not Credible

If someone doesn’t have the guts to put their name on the line, to stand behind their claims, that’s just so much cowardice and hollow posturing with no credibility or authenticity to back it up.

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