Yet Another Left-Wing Lunacy

Just when I thought the high-horse eco-moralizing of the pompous environmental jihadists could go no further, here comes documentation of yet another growing dirty snowball of loony left-wing stupidity. Behold the war on air conditioning. Do you actually buy this outlandish crapola? Yes, like the women in the Washington post link, sometimes I get cold […]

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Declining Topical Relevance in Atmospheric-Science Journals?

Quality is harder to judge. It takes time, reading and work–work that reviewers, journal editors and faculty evaluators alike need to be doing to uphold the integrity of the science!

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Tribute to “Cyclone” Jim Leonard (1950-2014)

I already knew of Jim’s name from copies of film movies he as donated to the lab, including the first knowingly filmed footage of an anticyclonic tornado, and his hurricane-intercept experience already was the subject of legends. Now here I was, talking storms with the man of legend himself–who turned out to be the most down-to-earth guy one could imagine.

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