Lessons from the MAGA Hat Boy, Tribal Drummer, and Video Propaganda

I am going to use the MAGA boy/native drummer video controversy at the March for Life, in particular the recent “viral” eruption of online emotion and hot-take/instapundit-style reaction, as a teaching moment. That is because it was a learning moment—for me and many others. This also proves that I am willing to admit when I […]

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My Brutally Honest Position on Climate

I want to make a brief and categorical statement on climate in response to bullshit rumors about me that trickle back. I have no substantive dispute with peer-reviewed research on the thermal trends observed so far. As such: In no way, shape or form am I a “climate denier”.  The overall global climate has warmed […]

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Tornadoes Do Not “Touch Down”

Tornadoes do not “touch down.”

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