Celebrating Hollywood’s (Too-Slow) Downfall

I certainly hope the “age of celebrity” is dead, as this short essay claims. I’m under no illusion that idol worship is, however. Hollywood celebrity culture will continue to genuflect to its own altar and regard itself vastly out of proportion to its true importance, as will a “progressively” smaller yet shrill array of sycophants. […]

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A Bucket of Hot Diarrhea and the Downfall of American Supremacy

Earlier this month, just one in a roaring wave of mostly unpublicized urban crimes occurred in Los Angeles: a homeless man flung a bucketful of hot diarrhea on an innocent woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Why was he free to do so? Why isn’t someone that deranged either in jail, or in a […]

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Image of the Week is Back!

Image of the Week is back! Thanks to the adroit, expert work of my wife and marvelous web designer Elke, IOTW now is a WordPress site, instead and as before, with one new photo from my portfolio (and accompanying brief narrative) added every week. This post contains a few examples, with links from the captions. […]

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