Position Statement on “Unite Norman” Recall Petition

An ad-hoc group called Unite Norman has developed a recall petition for the Norman mayor, Breea Clark, and four city-council members, including Kate Bierman, the representative for my ward (1). [One of other the targeted representatives, in a rural ward that surrounds mine on three sides, already has resigned under pressure, in part to perform […]

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Independence Day Reflections and Resources

On this day of America’s birth, in a time of fluxes both positive and deeply disturbing, I reflect upon the founding values of liberty and equal creation by our Creator, espoused explicitly in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution — the two greatest, most important documents of civilizational freedom ever prepared by mortal […]

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Open Letter to “Christian Left” Friends

I consider you a brother/sister in Christ, and siblings sometimes disagree. That’s cool. I’m also honest, sometimes to a fault. And if it’s a fault, I’ll die on that, and stand before God on Judgment Day in full confession thereof. I try to proclaim truth in love, and sometimes that means tough love. Guess my […]

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