Independence Day Reflections and Resources

On this day of America’s birth, in a time of fluxes both positive and deeply disturbing, I reflect upon the founding values of liberty and equal creation by our Creator, espoused explicitly in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution — the two greatest, most important documents of civilizational freedom ever prepared by mortal […]

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Open Letter to “Christian Left” Friends

I consider you a brother/sister in Christ, and siblings sometimes disagree. That’s cool. I’m also honest, sometimes to a fault. And if it’s a fault, I’ll die on that, and stand before God on Judgment Day in full confession thereof. I try to proclaim truth in love, and sometimes that means tough love. Guess my […]

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Why Bad Ideas Spread

Why would anybody take seriously an offhanded, poorly worded statement from Donald Trump (who makes offhanded, poorly worded statements by the hundreds per month…you should know this by now!) about ingesting bleach? I doubt the statement was malicious, or even serious, but it was badly phrased by a bumbling buffoon, and some people have been […]

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