Election Day(s): A Useful Litmus Test of Character

As I write this, many polls around the country still are open or just now closing; results are unknown and unknowable for at least a few more hours. As such, this is provably an evenhanded and nonpartisan statement, as intended. More than any other in my lifetime, more than any other likely since the Taft/Roosevelt […]

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Some Advice for the Voting Booth

Looking over events of the last few decades, and the trends that have led to our current political state, one conclusion is clear: too many Americans treat the Presidency as a golden calf, and its power as an object of idol worship. The artificial realm of social media overwhelmingly requires performative supplication to one worldly […]

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Trump’s Serious Diagnosis as a Test of Your Humanity

A litmus test of someone’s humanity is whether they celebrate another’s suffering. Even in my limited sampling of less than half an hour, it’s clear a lot of people on social media are failing that test today. In case you’ve been under a rock or detached from news for 24 hours, several people who were […]

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