Scattershooting 200812

Scattershooting while wondering where I can find evenhanded factual reporting in modern journalism… FALL COLLEGE FOOTBALL and the PANDEMIC: Some conferences have cancelled college football for fall 2020 as of this writing, while others have decided to forge onward? What’s the right answer? We don’t know yet. It’s all a grand experiment. At the administrative […]

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Scattershooting 191022

Scattershooting while wondering what happened to sanity and common sense… “PHOTOGRAPHY” GAME FARMS: “Photography game farms” are unethical and dishonest. I refuse to participate in staged “wildlife” shots, and those who are (without complete disclosure) are being dishonest, greedy, and unethical. A nasty pox with a thousand chiggers on any photographer who sells images of […]

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Scattershooting 190418

Those of us looking in from the outside see secularism exactly for what it is: a conformity cult.

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