Enough with the Ignorant Nazi Comparisons

Nazi comparisons to U.S. politicians, regardless of how much one disagrees with their policies or behaviors, are all not only wrong, but hideously ignorant and misguided, insulting to those with friends or loved ones who were killed (or survived) the Holocaust.

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Jason Witten: Doing It All the Right Way

“I hope I made you proud to be a Dallas Cowboys fan.” You did, Jason, and you do. May God’s blessings keep shining upon you in your TV gig and beyond.

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Scattershooting 180331

When you voluntarily thrust yourself into the public eye with media appearances while offering controversial opinions, like it or not, you now are a public figure. With that comes criticism. Those who disagree with them have the unfettered First Amendment right to say so, in whatever manner they choose.

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