The Exclusionary, Intolerant “March for Science”

To my left-leaning readers I make one request: instead of arguing with my perception (which is my reality), understand it. Practice the “empathy” and “tolerance” and “inclusion” you so often preach.

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Thank You, Tony Romo

I hurt for you that you never won a Super Bowl. You were more than good enough, and better than many QBs who did. Dan Marino may be the only comparably skilled QB in that boat, and he’s a Hall of Famer. Unlike Marino, you were grotesquely under-appreciated, disrespected and underrated nationally for many years, perhaps still today, even by many Cowboys fans — but not this one.

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Academy Award Celebrities: Take Your Medicine, Fools

I last watched an Academy Awards show at about age 12 with my mom, on a barely-working hand-me-down TV, in an inner-city duplex full of roaches, seeing some actress awash in diamond and gold jewelry, and wearing a $10,000 dress, lecture others about feeding the poor. The latter told me all I needed to know.

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