Not with My Wife in There!

Postal-poster perverts the nation over are foaming at the possibilities. Peeping Toms now only need to “identify” as tomboys to succeed at peeping. How far into the toilet have we gone, as a society, to allow leering, lecherous leeches to have lawful access to their targets by means of “identifying” as something they’re not?

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Critiquing a Critical Essay: “Friends”, Cultural Degradation, Education, and David Hopkins’ Pandering

In the Dallas Morning News, David Hopkins wrote what initially appears to be a mildly iconoclastic essay on the cultural implications of the 1990s pop-fad TV show, Friends. I found the opinion piece (this version of it anyway) thought-provoking, even if I did not agree with some of his points. Background: In the ’90s, I […]

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Elitist Double Standards? You Tell Me!

What do you think would happen to any non-famous, low-level employee who conducted sensitive government business (including using classified-level content) on an non-secure, personal e-mail server with 1,300 messages taken all, or in part, from classified documents?

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