Statement on the Capitol Violence

As most should know by now, on Wednesday, a group of apparently pro-Trump insurrectionist thugs illegally and violently stormed the U.S. Capitol. I strongly and unconditionally repudiate this behavior, period. I am resolutely consistent in condemning violence, regardless of who perpetrates it. No exceptions. People I might agree with on some issues do not get […]

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Musings on JFK, 22 November

Realizing, to my own surprise, that I’ve never said much on this medium about John F. Kennedy and his legacy, this date serves as a good reminder to make note of that era. I can’t do so in any way that would do full justice — that would take hundreds of pages of writings — […]

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Position Statement on “Unite Norman” Recall Petition

An ad-hoc group called Unite Norman has developed a recall petition for the Norman mayor, Breea Clark, and four city-council members, including Kate Bierman, the representative for my ward (1). [One of other the targeted representatives, in a rural ward that surrounds mine on three sides, already has resigned under pressure, in part to perform […]

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