Top 40 Unique Country Songs

Long before Kenny Rogers died last night, I’ve been pondering the status of country music — how it’s hard to find a truly unique new song in this era of homogenized, corporately centralized radio airplay. By that, I mean a song that someone old enough to have heard the country music of the ’70s and […]

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Silence is Not Complicity nor Agreement

Before the blood dried in the El Paso mass murder by a white supremacist, and both before and after the left-wing mass killer’s evil deeds in Ohio, I saw several social-media posts to the effect that “good people must not be silent”, or that “silence is complicity”. Such rhetoric commonly appears on other hot-button, emotionally […]

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Regarding This and Other “Government Shutdowns”

Speaking for me, yes, in a Libertarian sense I favor smaller, leaner, tightly focused federal government in keeping with the literal words of the Constitution, which can be done smartly and humanely over time. This episode is neither smart nor focused nor humane. It’s just moronic.

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