Left-Wing Civil War: Battle over Role of Genetics

…between somewhat-sane “progressive” thought and the patently irrational, unscientific, batshit-crazy “woke” social-justice lunatics! Please read this full long-form piece, “Can Progressives Be Convinced that Genetics Matters?“, published in an intensely left-biased media source (New Yorker). It addresses one liberal behavioral geneticist at UT, Paige Harden, on short sabbatical in Montana (who clearly is drumming up […]

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R.I.P. Emmy the Cat

She was a sweet-tempered, adorable little bundle of fur, with a very laid-back, absent-minded, yet wide-eyed and curious disposition that charmed all who spent time with her.

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Independent, Mixed Assessment of Trump Presidency

Now that some weeks have passed, and some emotions have cooled, from the tumult surrounding the wild ending of the Donald Trump presidency, I’ll offer an assessment of the short but eventful four-year period.

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