Alpha-gal Diagnosis

Ticks who have bitten a non-human mammal, such as a cow, deliver a meat-based sugar called alpha-galactose (full name: Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose) in their saliva. The immune system, in reacting to the many foreign substances in tick saliva as it should, also treats alpha-galactose as an unwelcome agent. This then leads to an internal alpha-gal reaction to digested read meat…

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295 Innocents Slaughtered Today: Time for Leadership

Regardless of intent, regardless of missile origin, no valid excuse exists for rocketing a commercial Boeing 777. None! As Russia and Ukraine blame each other, 295 souls no longer have living bodies. Their families deserve answers, accountability, and ultimately, reparations from those responsible.

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Problem and Solutions for The Washington Football Team

Get this, moralizing, patronizing white liberals: IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS–I repeat, none of your business, what the natives should think about this or any other issue. You are not an Indian, and neither am I. That disqualifies all of us. It’s that simple.

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