Elitist Double Standards? You Tell Me!

What do you think would happen to any non-famous, low-level employee who conducted sensitive government business (including using classified-level content) on an non-secure, personal e-mail server with 1,300 messages taken all, or in part, from classified documents?

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Destination Doom: The Trump Phenomenon in Conservatism

The attraction of Donald Trump to many on the right is utterly mortifying to this Christian, Constitutional, libertarian-oriented conservative. I know dozens upon dozens of conservatives, and perhaps two who are willing to admit they support Trump. Yet the polls supposedly have him topping the Republican field — a bizarre phenomenon that makes me wonder […]

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Rebirth Within: The Meaning of “Born Again” in a Hostile World

Rebirth doesn’t involve perfection, nor pretending piety, nor even failing to sin again. The latter is not possible. No living human fully achieves Jesus’ direction to “sin no more”. Instead, to use a mathematical analogy, freedom from sin is a goal that we only can hope to approach asymptotically in this life, and only if we put forth conscious effort.

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