False Equivalencies?

God bless all atheists; for they (as me and everyone else, religious or not, whether one chooses to have faith in this or not) are made in His image and have become imperfect through sin.

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Backlash to a Backlash to a Backlash…

Both sides have a history of offering profuse lip service to compromise until it means they actually have to give up something.

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Alpha-gal Diagnosis

Ticks who have bitten a non-human mammal, such as a cow, deliver a meat-based sugar called alpha-galactose (full name: Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose) in their saliva. The immune system, in reacting to the many foreign substances in tick saliva as it should, also treats alpha-galactose as an unwelcome agent. This then leads to an internal alpha-gal reaction to digested read meat…

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