Scattershooting 201124

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to pro-life, strong-military, low-tax Democrats…like John F. Kennedy!

I’ve posted my top-10 in 2020 storm-intercept photos page a little early this year, and also, added links to each of the other years going back to 2010. Enjoy this journey through ten amazing skyscapes!

UTERINE TRANSPLANTS? I didn’t even know uterine transplantation existed, much less is being done in East Dallas a couple miles from my old neighborhood. A marvel of modern medical science, the process only will get safer and smoother with time. Still, this seems an extreme measure for childless couples. If you want to plunk down a big bag of Jacksons to get a baby that’s genetically yours, that’s your call. I won’t deny your freedom to do so, but I also have the free-speech right to question it. I advocate for adoption instead, even knowing (through experiences of colleagues) how difficult it can be bureaucratically.

CHUMP EFFECT: No, this has nothing to do with “Two Chumps” storm chasing. Instead, please take 10-15 minutes to indulge this long but worthwhile essay on the “Chump Effect” and why real, legitimate backlashes happen to “social justice”-justified injustices.

VIRAL HYPOCRISY in the BOURGEOIS ELITE: Between California’s hypocritical governor at his fancy restaurant, and state legislators with their Hawaii junket, it’s all “Rules for thee, not for me.” But of course, that’s long been the case in politics. The hoity-toitys in the connected class are too important to abide by the rules they want to impose on us mere proletariat.

Let us eat cake! I’ve said it before and stand 100% by this: the virus is not partisan, and does not care about the purpose of the gatherings of its hosts. Also, masks are good for slowing spread, but as note below, not absolutely foolproof. The more people together (regardless of reason!), the riskier. That’s just scientifically based reality. Virology and immunology are what matter, not anyone’s opinion.

Conferences largely have been canceled, and will be until disease spread, some pre-existing coronaviral immunity a minority of people already have, and vaccines (which are coming and surprisingly effective in trails so far!) combine to bring about herd immunity. This conference was arrogant, ignorant and stupid. Even if nobody catches or spreads the illness from it, I stand resolutely by that statement. Those Who Are Above You are not learning lessons from both what medical science now knows about the Wuhan coronavirus, and what happened with the Rose Garden super-spreader event at the White House.

HARMFUL BITTERNESS over ELECTION OUTCOME: I’ll have more to say about the outcome of the 2020 national election and the impacts of the Trump presidency once the final popular and electoral vote tallies are known. Getting the facts precisely and literally correct absolutely matters. Until then, and to the extent we can know the truth, it appears that the Biden/Harris (or for the sake of reality in the face of his obvious cognitive enfeeblement, Harris/Biden) won the executive election, while Democrats unexpectedly lost House seats and gained fewer in the Senate than anticipated (also pending Georgia). Nonetheless, some are very, very bitter.

I understand why and how she got there. Her attitude toward voting sounds like some friends regarding OU football after a particularly ugly loss. Still, reasoned and reasonable people, independent thinkers, must consider the long game. The more people like her throw in the towel, the more the acceleration into totalitarian collectivism will proceed apace. These are the fruits of the two-party duopoly, as are the lack of better options on the ballot. To every lash there is a backlash, however. And believe me, there will be one to Harris/Biden, both in the 2022 midterms and in the future. The left will overplay their hand. They always do, because they have no self-restraint. Watch. She may wish to participate in that backlash, in the voting booth, once she calms down.

CORONAVIRUS MASK USE and SEX ABSTINENCE: The following is indisputable, objective fact. Pregnancy and venereal disease can be avoided by abstaining from sex. Period. This is irrefutable. For strict logical consistency, those promoting abstinence from sex for disease safety (and avoiding pregnancy) should be promoting abstinence from people to avoid the Wuhan virus too. I promote both kinds of abstinence. In both cases, the best option from a factual standpoint (and objective facts are what matter) is avoiding the risky behavior. Stay away from people the best you can until you either have had the disease, or a shot for it.

I recognize it’s harder with the Wuhan virus, because it’s airborne, highly contagious, and you don’t have to contact somebody’s genitals to get it. Masks are loosely analogous to condoms (but far leakier). Yet when you can’t avoid crowded public places, especially indoors, they absolutely are better than nothing, both for slowing transmission and reception of the airborne virus, but are far from foolproof. At least with consensual sex, that’s 100% a chosen and optional behavior, self-controlled (though people still fail to exercise said self control). So we still see venereal diseases spread. With avoiding contagious airborne viruses, it’s harder, because a lot of folks aren’t in a position to avoid being around others. Ultimately it’s about choosing to do the best we reasonably can to minimize spread, knowing there’s still risk of catching the virus anyway.

“WOKE” LEFTISM as a MARKER of PRIVILEGE and ELITISM: Elitist, privileged, soft, sheltered, pampered little “woke” students have been, are, and are going to, get many millions of dollars in student loans covered by the taxpayers for this inane horseshit. A mind is a terrible thing to waste…on “social justice” propaganda.


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