Independence Day Reflections and Resources

On this day of America’s birth, in a time of fluxes both positive and deeply disturbing, I reflect upon the founding values of liberty and equal creation by our Creator, espoused explicitly in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution — the two greatest, most important documents of civilizational freedom ever prepared by mortal humanity. Liberty from tyranny led to momentous moments of 4 July 1776, the founding date of the beacon of the free world for over 200 years. Upholding liberty is not only the responsibility of our soldiers, sailors and aviators, but all of us, and each of us individually.

Majority rule with protection of minority rights is an essential American ideal. Who is the least of these, in need of the most protection from tyranny? There is no smaller nor less-powerful minority than the individual. As such, protection of individual liberty must stand supreme over tyranny of any sort, whether from a numerical majority, a shrill and disproportionately influential minority, the seductive delusion of collectivism, oppression via coerced compliance, the laziness of herd-mentality groupthink, and outsized influence of the loudest mob(s) of any given hour, day, week, or year.

With individual liberty comes a responsibility to uphold and preserve the freedoms for future generations to benefit, and not to squander freedom on foolish pleasures, nor selfish hedonism, nor lawless disregard for others. Instead, love your neighbor. That’s not a bureaucratic exercise, but an individual one: you and me. Jesus didn’t say, “Love thy neighbor — at governmental gunpoint”. Love can only be authentic if freely given, and compulsory “love” isn’t real. It has to come from within, to each as he or she is called by God to serve one another and this nation.

The American ideal, a fortification and refinement of the “ancient liberties of the English” that predated even the Magna Carta, inspired in no small manner by the Sinai Covenant of the Jewish Exodus, Constitutionally codified into Founding law of this land, was intended to transcend crises, inspire the endless struggle for freedom worldwide, and protect liberty throughout.

As I reflect on the concept of freedom today, and the founding ideals that birthed the greatest national beacon for freedom ever constructed, I offer glimpses of the American ethos in multiple forms in the comments below. As you consider where we have been, and where we may be going, 244 years into this great experiment, I invite you to be inspired and stimulated by these resources.

SHORT ESSAY: “Equality and the American Dream” by native Canadian C. Bradley Thompson

LONG ESSAY: “The Origins of Freedom” by native Englishman Os Guinness

SPEECH: “The Boys of Pointe du Hoc” by Ronald Reagan

From the 40th Anniversary of D-Day, Normandy, France, 6 Jun 1984

SONG: “Americana” performed by Moe Bandy

A song about the heart and soul of this nation: its people

PHOTOGRAPHY: “Flag of the United States of America”
from Image of the Week

PRAYER: “For America In A Time Of National Crisis

Dear Father, there is much happening with our nation at the moment as we are facing a time of crises. The nation seems to be teetering on the edge of destruction and our government seems to have little ability or will to reverse what is coming upon our land and its citizens. Lord, there is increasing unrest and we ask that You guide our nation through this difficult period.

Lord, we pray for all in authority over our land and ask that You would lead and guide the decisions they are to make in this time of crises. We ask that those in leadership positions would be given the wisdom and ability to address all that is looming on the home-front at this present time. Give them grace to govern according to Your will, and may they not be motivated by self-interest, greed or party politics, but rather may they be led to guide our nation onto the path of peace and safety that only comes from You.

Protect all those that are in any way at risk or are suffering from lack or from fear of what is happening in this time of national crises. May we as a people unite together under Your banner of truth, to support and encourage each other, as we face this national crises together, as one nation under God.



DOCUMENTS: The Declaration of Independence and Constitution
I have seen several surveys indicating that the majority of Americans never have read these fully, word for word to completion. That’s unfortunate and troublesome. If you haven’t, here’s your chance to fix that problem. Read carefully and considerately, they still should take less than an hour of your time. This PDF can be printed and carried with you everywhere you travel for ready reference, self-reminder, and reflection.


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