Celebrating Hollywood’s (Too-Slow) Downfall

I certainly hope the “age of celebrity” is dead, as this short essay claims. I’m under no illusion that idol worship is, however. Hollywood celebrity culture will continue to genuflect to its own altar and regard itself vastly out of proportion to its true importance, as will a “progressively” smaller yet shrill array of sycophants.

Out here in the real world, it’s not surprising that so many everyday folks have tuned out the hollow, hypocritical, secular sanctimony of the wealthy Hollywood elites, who are experts at far fewer topics (namely acting, singing, producing, directing) than they act like. The key word here is “act” — fakery being their one best skill, pretension being the next. O, let’s not forget covering up the horrendous sins of its own. What a filthy, rotten-to-the-core culture!

I had no clue the Oscars were on a few days ago, until I saw tweets about the show afterward. It looks like I didn’t miss anything important. I don’t count as “important” the ill-informed opinions of airheaded celebrities regarding sociopolitical issues, especially when they gleefully celebrate and participate for many years the very culture that promotes such vices as slaughter of unborn babies, extramarital sex, sexual assaults (decades of permissiveness and enabling toward Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, anyone?), pollution, and coercion.

Illustrating that point, the ratings for the Oscars reached an all-time low this year, at 23 million. My response: There were that many? I quit watching that pompous, arrogant, wasteful, self-absorbed, self-congratulatory, insular, soft, sheltered, hedonism-infested gaggle of Dunning-Kruger dimwits known as Hollywood award-show participants long ago. I’m far from the only one who has, it seems…yet the interviewees in this story are so insulated and clueless they blame everything but the real problem. That is this: we don’t give a damn anymore!


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