Scattershooting 201124

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to pro-life, strong-military, low-tax Democrats…like John F. Kennedy! … TOP-10 STORM-OBSERVING PHOTOS from 2020 I’ve posted my top-10 in 2020 storm-intercept photos page a little early this year, and also, added links to each of the other years going back to 2010. Enjoy this journey through ten amazing skyscapes!… UTERINE […]

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Musings on JFK, 22 November

Realizing, to my own surprise, that I’ve never said much on this medium about John F. Kennedy and his legacy, this date serves as a good reminder to make note of that era. I can’t do so in any way that would do full justice — that would take hundreds of pages of writings — […]

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Tribute to Bob Johns

I posted this tribute to my personal Facebook page soon after I learned my old colleague, friend and meteorological mentor Robert H. (Bob) Johns had passed away just shy of his 78th birthday, following a long struggle with a neurodegenerative disorder causing progressive aphasia and memory problems. The text is reproduced here for the open […]

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