Scattershooting 191022

Scattershooting while wondering what happened to sanity and common sense…

“PHOTOGRAPHY” GAME FARMS: “Photography game farms” are unethical and dishonest. I refuse to participate in staged “wildlife” shots, and those who are (without complete disclosure) are being dishonest, greedy, and unethical. A nasty pox with a thousand chiggers on any photographer who sells images of these captive wild animals, without full and open disclosure of the circumstances.

FASCINATING INSIGHTS on SOCIOPATHS: This article, about a self-professed and supposedly professionally diagnosed case, offers a fascinating peek into the mentality of a sociopathic woman. In the spirit of her own mentality, I might have to read the book at a library, bookstore, borrowed, or other medium where I won’t have to pay.

SUCKERS for POP-CULTURAL OCCULT: Going through my “Groupon” offers, the above shows up. Here it is 2019, and enough gullible suckers (over a thousand bought!) clearly still exist to fulfill a consumer demand for pop-occult rubbish. In the ’70s it was mail-order psychic readings…in the ’80s and ’90s, 1-900 scams and Miss Cleo on TV, in the 2000s, interactive websites…and all the while, in-person shops for palm readings, tarot, crystal energy, and other such rectally manufactured hocus-pocus crapola. Today…Groupons. I suppose people really enjoy being ripped off while duped into feeling good about it. If Groupon is right, Miss Francine has raked in over $69,000 gross just from this ad alone. Talk about voodoo economics!

ABC corporate HQ: Upper West Side of Manhattan.
NBC corporate HQ: GE Building, Rockefeller Center, NYC
CBS corporate HQ: Midtown Manhattan.
CNN HQ: Atlanta (not coastal, but close).
Microsoft (MS in MSNBC): Seattle
Gannett (USA Today, et al.): McLean VA
NY Times: NYC
LA Times: Los Angeles
Knowing this, is it any wonder that the sheltered, insular, professionally incestuous and mutually sycophantic “journalists” of leftist coastal media are so woefully clueless about what matters to real, everyday, working Americans in our towns and on our land? We conservative folk in Middle America apparently are just backward, ill-educated, tobacco-chewing, rodeo-riding, meth-sucking, toothless rednecks in need of shame, ostracism and ridicule. O how the “woke” are so comatose in their blissful ignorance…

Transgenderism is nothing short of diabolical, satanic wickedness. You bet I said it, and I absolutely mean it. This deranged practice is being forced upon a small Texas boy by his so-called doctor “mother” who, given her zealous pursuit of legal permission to inflict permanent psychological and physical abuse on her child, probably is possessed by demons. What else can explain such hideous and delusional sadism toward a child? Devout Catholic Matt Walsh, in his two otherwise solid essays on this topic (first, second) doesn’t go there, but I will. The father’s ex is dripping with evil, and the child is at grave mental, physical, and spiritual risk. I would not blame the dad one bit if he took that kid on an overnight flight to a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. The extremist whack jobs supporting this lunacy have lost sight of one crucial thing: he (yes, he) is a minor child, with immature & undeveloped mind (not to mention brainwashed by that horrendous excuse for a “mom”). Precisely because of that incomplete mental development, he is thoroughly incompetent to make such decisions. Yet a jury has ruled, with sociopathic frigidity only possible through unadulterated devilry, that this innocent little child can be deliberately, deeply abused and scarred for life by being forced into transgenderism. Horrid!

Donald Trump is a bombastic, insufferable, degenerate, unrepentant adulterer and liar, a hideously immoral heathen who, regardless of some positive accomplishments (such as boosting conservative federal judiciary and standing up somewhat to Red China) has soiled the office of the Presidency through his prideful ignorance and repugnantly undignified behavior, damaged Christianity via sellout pastors who have pandered his favor, and set back the cause of conservatism for years to come, simply by association. Leftism is a festering, maggot-ridden, gangrenous ideological rot on the faces of governance and social order, and a “divide and conquer” tool of the evil enemy that will consume this nation’s youth and future in its deviously delusional stench, if unchecked by the forces of sanity. Both statements can be true. Both are. And both truths are why it’s not hard to see the end times approaching. The good news? We who follow the Lord know who wins in the end. Keep the faith.


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