Image of the Week is Back!

Supercell Sundown on the High Plains“, posted 2019

Image of the Week is back! Thanks to the adroit, expert work of my wife and marvelous web designer Elke, IOTW now is a WordPress site, instead and as before, with one new photo from my portfolio (and accompanying brief narrative) added every week. This post contains a few examples, with links from the captions.

Sailing Schooners off Key West“, posted 2009

Every week for ten years, IOTW has brought you the best of my three-plus decade photographic portfolio: images revealing the majesty and beauty of our outdoors, or splendor of architecture, or evocative wonder of the abandoned structure, or fascinating eccentricities of both the natural and built world all around us. It’s a medium through which to share beauty I’ve found, simple as that.

Convergence at Coffee Creek“, posted 2016

When I first started this photo-blog, at Elke’s persuasion, I didn’t know if I could come up with enough to fulfill a weekly “obligation” (more like labor of love) for years on end. Little did I know that, between the amazing things I had seen and shot before 2009, and everything since, the harder part is to leave something out!

Cracks on the Cauldron“, posted 2018

From slides of the ’80s to high-res digitals of today, still photography is my long-chosen favorite medium through which to convey God’s inspiration in the sky, and all other kinds of interesting images from travels hither and yon. Whether the mood evoked is wonderment, peace, curiosity, befuddlement, awe, or even dangerous menace (see below), the aim is always to inspire a mood and enlighten the reader at the same time.

Massive Tornado near Piedmont, Oklahoma“, posted 2011

Back in late April, the old site (using great photo-BLOG software called PixelPost that had gone extinct, and which didn’t support newer versions of PHP) went dead. We were able to resurrect it temporarily and keep it on life support for a couple months by having the server manager revert PHP for its place on the machine, but on deadline. Time was short to figure out a new medium.

Red Bird in a Redbud“, posted 2010

Elke somehow found a PixelPost to WordPress converter that imported and properly dated all the old stories, categories and images. All it lost were tags (which I’ll reassign for previous years’ images, gradually over time). What this means is that Image of the Week goes back through its entire decade again, with every weekly entry still there. This was very fortunate!

Cold Wash Cycle“, posted 2014

IOTW has been up and running again, but in WordPress, since sometime near the end of July. I had made PixelPost entries in the meantime for continuity, and copied them over to the new site as it was being built and internally beta-tested. Now that it has been up and stable for a couple months, I can securely announce it. [I have been posting links to individual entries on social media.]

Snow Geese in the Rain“, posted 2017

I hope you’ll visit the new IOTW and walk back in time through the latest and greatest photographic experiences, and the stories and imagery of years of yore, then check back weekly for more and more.

Twisted Perspective“, posted 2013


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