Unacceptable Harassment of Federal Employees at their Homes

When did it become OK to harass federal employees at their homes, for doing their jobs at work?

This is certainly a valid question given a recent noisy protest (with arrests) outside the home of a Denver-area GEO official, another outside an ICE official’s house in Long Beach, and more throughout the past three years, in particular.

What did the wives and children of those Federal employees have to do with the things their husbands/fathers do at work while following their directives? Why bring the families into this at all? What about the peace and quiet deserved by neighbors with no connection whatsoever? Why not protest peacefully by the actual office that does things that the protestors doth protest? These are rational questions, of course, and the minds of zealots are not rational.

This is not a free-speech issue. Of course it is and should be legal to protest on public right-of-way. What’s legal, however, isn’t always what’s morally right. This is also not necessarily a criminal issue (unless somebody gets violent, drunk, vandalizes, obstructs, or trespasses, as does happen sometimes). It’s not a left-right issue either—regardless of my observation that these sorts of disruptive behaviors at government employees’ personal residences emanate overwhelmingly from the left. Instead…

It is a matter of civility, respect and common decency, which apparently are not that common anymore. What’s next—pickets and screaming outside a federal judge’s house because of a sentencing decision some group doesn’t like? An NWS meteorologist’s house because of a bad forecast? The meteorologists I know who support this behavior should reconsider; they could be next.

These thoughtless, rude, attention-seeking, inconsiderate, unkind ingrates have crossed a line by going to federal employees’ private homes, dragging neighbors, spouses and children into the sphere of their disruptive selfishness and shrill virtue signaling.


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