Silence is Not Complicity nor Agreement

Before the blood dried in the El Paso mass murder by a white supremacist, and both before and after the left-wing mass killer’s evil deeds in Ohio, I saw several social-media posts to the effect that “good people must not be silent”, or that “silence is complicity”. Such rhetoric commonly appears on other hot-button, emotionally charged weekly issues du jour.

Rubbish! Absolute garbage. Do not fall for such psychologically manipulative tactics (through which I see clearly as glass), nor feel compelled to speak out if you’d rather be quiet. Your reasons are yours alone and nobody else’s business, whether you’re still gathering facts, you’ve already spoken on the topic and wish not to be redundant, need more time to think, are taking quiet action of your own, prefer not to virtue signal as so many are, or you just have other/better things to do.

I want to assure you silence is OK, and you are absolutely, positively NOT “complicit” in any of the world’s millions and millions of problems just because you aren’t speaking out on any or all of them. I say this as someone who is outspoken on many issues, and has been for decades, including on Second Amendment, racial-supremacy and mental-health issues. Your silence is your concern and yours only, and others should just mind their own damn business.

Freedom of speech includes the freedom to not talk. [“Miranda rights” affirm this inherently Constitutional truth.] It also includes the right to wait until later (as I’m choosing to do), instead of being a virtue-signaling insta-pundit for the sake of clicks, likes, retweets, fawning attention, and platitudes from like-minded sycophants. It’s OK to wait days, weeks or more to speak out, or to never do so at all. [In fact, I have more respect for those who do wait awhile, cool down, and respond in thought-out, measured, rational ways, using facts, logic, and reason instead of emotion.] I want to empower you to think and act independently, on your terms and yours alone, not because peers or culture demand it.

It’s perfectly fine to stay silent, whether for a few days, weeks, months, or however long you want. Silence is NOT complicity, nor it is agreement. It’s simply…silence.


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