Scattershooting 190418

Scattershooting while wondering what happened to common standards of moral decency in communities, or for that matter, cohesive communities…

POTENT MARTYRDOM STORY against NAZIS: A Catholic friend sent this story of Maria Restituta Kafka, a Fransciscan nun whom the Nazis executed. What an amazing story of Christian martyrdom in the face of a powerful, genocidal terror state. She and all the others who opposed the Nazis on righteous grounds, whether famous like Dietrich Bonhoeffer or relatively obscure like her, were martyrs and heroes. It’s still happening today in places like North Korea, Iran, and across north and central Africa (Boko Haram attacks, among others). The oppressors, be them Nazi, Communist, Islamic, or otherwise, fail to realize that it only strengthens and grows the Christian faith to try to kill it off. The martyrs are assured a place at the Lord’s side in eternity, for dying in his name. And in the end, we know, by faith and prophecy, who wins: God.

TESTING STUDENTS’ SOCIALIST IDEALS: I hope at least a few of the involved learned something from this exercise in socialism applied to GPA. The limits of socialism, on a personal level, stop at what’s inconvenient for “me”. That’s because people are, by nature, from the start, selfish. [This is why toddlers have to be taught to give, not take.] And even those rare few who genuinely are altruistically inclined to socialism fail to realize that overwhelming majority of others are selfish; therefore, socialism inevitably leads to centralized authoritarian corruption. Systemically, it’s an ideal whose end game is death, destruction, famine, and all other manner of mass misery. Venezuela is just the latest rock-solid and indisputable evidence of this. Yet socialism appeals mightily to the naive, young and old alike, in its simple, populist promise of something for nothing, and a bogus “social justice” that ends up only stealing, never giving.

THE RELIGION of SECULARISM: There is no question among observant people — those outside the problem — that secularism is a de facto religion (not in name, but most certainly de facto). And yes, I agree with this essay that ours is a two-faith nation (religious and secular), and there is no old-Democrat center-left anymore on social positions. Instead: bizarre, radical, and extreme-fringe/left-wing concepts like “gay marriage”, more than two genders, and the infanticide of pre-born babies, have been culturally normalized amidst the ethos of intersectional victimhood, then shoved down our throats by a holier-than-thou secular mirror image of the old “Moral Majority”. In the Clintons’ and Obama’s cases, as former pseudo-centrists, their “evolution” flip-flopping into the social-justice herd on such issues was only for political expedience, not honest principle. [Do they even have any honest principles other than power, money, and self-glorification?] But for the current crop of Democratic radicals, it’s a genuine ideal/delusion. This quote was quite apt: “As Andrew Sullivan and many others have been arguing for some time, the language and practice of secular intersectionality directly compares with multiple elements of classic religious belief — from original sin (privilege), to justification (becoming woke), to sanctification (being an ally). ” Those of us looking in from the outside see secularism exactly for what it is: a conformity cult.

THE NEXT PERVERSION ALREADY BEING NORMALIZED by the LEFT: Pedophilia. First it was extramarital “free sex” between men and women. Then it was homosexual behavior. Then it was cross-dressing, “transgender” and “gender identity”. Somewhere amidst all that, bigamists are clamoring for “equality”. At each step along the way, advocates denied that the next step would happen, wrongly of course, and arrogantly mocked those who correctly predicted it as having slippery-slope fallacy. And now, in the ceaseless “give an inch, take a mile” demand for more immoralities to be normalized and their practitioners granted “equal” rights, so are the perverts who want to molest children: pedophiles. As immature underlings in the power structure of adulthood vs. childhood, minors cannot make informed consent to sexual acts with adults, period, full stop, no exceptions, no question. Yet, just like minors and young-adult students have been the target of decades of slow-creep, agenda-driven curriculum brainwashing and conformist, herd-mentality peer pressure in public schools, and public and private universities, programmed to accept homosexual and extramarital sex as moral and normal, and to incorrectly attack opposition thereto as “hate”, adult-child perversion is the next domino to fall in Satan’s big divide-and-conquer agenda. Who will have the courage to speak out and stand up to this horror?


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