Scattershooting 190212

Scattershooting while wondering what happened to chivalry and honor…

U.S. BIG TECH COMPLICIT IN DESTRUCTION OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY OVERSEAS: Already pandering cowards for playing kissyface with Red China, Google decides to plant their lips firmly on Russia’s butt cheeks too. “Do no evil” obviously was doublespeak BS from the beginning. We’re probably not far from having a pseudo-dystopian situation involving a Manchurian-candidate technocrat “elected” by a combination of hacked/electronically manipulated voting apparatuses and AI-driven, individually to group-targeted domestic propaganda in social media.

MEASLES and OTHER VACCINATIONS ARE LIFE-SAVERS: Research shows that the measles vaccination may prevent other diseases by keeping measles from demolishing immunity to subsequent infections. Still more reason to ignore the anti-vaccine stupidity and get your kids their shots! I got measles from a measles vaccination as a wee tot circa 1970. Nonetheless, I realize how rare and bizarre that was, and that vaccinations have improved, got my kids their shots, and advocate strongly for vaccinations. Anti-vaxxers are killing children with their irrationality and lies.

THE CONFORMITY CULT of “SOCIAL JUSTICE”: This article is a hugely insightful read. Excerpt: “Unfortunately, toxicity in radical communities is not a bug. It is a feature. The ideology and norms of radicalism have evolved to produce toxic, paranoid, depressed subjects. ” Another excerpt: “Abusers thrive in radical communities because radical norms are fragile and exploitable. A culture of freewheeling drug and alcohol use creates situations predators are waiting to exploit. ” The ex-anarchist refugee “radical” author still has a lot of progress to make, but fortunately, after largely escaping it, appears to see the subculture of social-justice leftism exactly as it is: a conformity cult. That’s my terminology for radical leftism: a conformity cult…rooted in long-discredited/dead-end socialist ideals, ignorance of the great advances of western capitalism, rife with emotional and psychological manipulation (including vulnerability to abuse by fellow “radicals” and genuflection to the demigod of victimhood), and underpinned by weaponized “empathy”.

NAZI GERMANY and SOVIET RUSSIA WERE BOTH SOCIALIST: …and this 2005 essay explains precisely how. Deluded denials from the left aside, this is America’s future when taking the Sanders/AOC wing of the so-called Democratic Party to its fullest practical and logical extent: one-size-fits-all bureaucratic control of all means of production and distribution, de facto, if not in name, and most importantly, destruction of individual liberty. We even get a modern look at this outcome all the time, and not just in Venezuela, but in sneak previews at home…

WHEN SATIRE MIRRORS REALITY: As it often does, satire mirrors reality. This funny little piece from the Babylon Bee, whether intentionally or not, offers a glimpse into the future of federally run medicine. And if you want a more serious look at the future of federal health care, look no further than the V.A. Enough said.


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