R.I.P. Sears

Numerous Sears stores have closed nationwide, more are in the process, and still more (all?) are soon to come. The one in Norman’s mall shuttered earlier this year. A friend posted earlier today about the one closing in his city soon. They are but the latest corporate dominoes to fall in the digital era, where […]

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Silence is Not Complicity nor Agreement

Before the blood dried in the El Paso mass murder by a white supremacist, and both before and after the left-wing mass killer’s evil deeds in Ohio, I saw several social-media posts to the effect that “good people must not be silent”, or that “silence is complicity”. Such rhetoric commonly appears on other hot-button, emotionally […]

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Musings from Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary

[I attempted to post this on 20 July, yesterday, but had access problems. That has been fixed.] The greatest achievement in manned space travel happened 50 years ago today.  Fifty years!  That’s older than most people anymore, and figuratively longer still when counting those (like me) who were too young to recall it clearly.  When […]

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