Scattershooting 190212

Scattershooting while wondering what happened to chivalry and honor… U.S. BIG TECH COMPLICIT IN DESTRUCTION OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY OVERSEAS: Already pandering cowards for playing kissyface with Red China, Google decides to plant their lips firmly on Russia’s butt cheeks too. “Do no evil” obviously was doublespeak BS from the beginning. We’re probably not far from […]

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Lessons from the MAGA Hat Boy, Tribal Drummer, and Video Propaganda

I am going to use the MAGA boy/native drummer video controversy at the March for Life, in particular the recent “viral” eruption of online emotion and hot-take/instapundit-style reaction, as a teaching moment. That is because it was a learning moment—for me and many others. This also proves that I am willing to admit when I […]

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Regarding This and Other “Government Shutdowns”

Speaking for me, yes, in a Libertarian sense I favor smaller, leaner, tightly focused federal government in keeping with the literal words of the Constitution, which can be done smartly and humanely over time. This episode is neither smart nor focused nor humane. It’s just moronic.

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