My Brutally Honest Position on Climate

I want to make a brief and categorical statement on climate in response to bullshit rumors about me that trickle back.

I have no substantive dispute with peer-reviewed research on the thermal trends observed so far. As such: In no way, shape or form am I a “climate denier”.  The overall global climate has warmed in recent decades and probably will continue to do so in the next several decades. Period.  There you go.  Rumors debunked. 

That said, I quite deliberately take no specific positions on future scenarios (due to uncertainties inherent to atmospheric numerical modeling), nor advocacies as to what specific to do about it, if anything.  I stand mostly in the sidelines of that screaming match, on purpose.  Yes, I sometimes read papers and articles by an array of scientists, out of scientific curiosity, and laugh or snooze at some of the absurdities thrown out from time to time by both non-scientist pundits, and a small cadre of scientists who engage in sociopolitical extremism and conflicts of interest related to their own research.

Otherwise I’m not wasting time with it anymore here, after this post.  I have better things to do, namely live my life the best I know, and forecast and research what I deal with: localized weather (specifically tornadoes and other severe storms).  As such, I say little about climate on social media because I have little meaningful to say.

I only will speak to one generality, as a sociopolitical conservative and libertarian:  Overall, for all the societal troubles we do have morally and ethically (more later), poverty is lower, crime is lower, and base mean income levels higher worldwide than ever. Why is this?

Look no further than free-market solutions, science and technology (and the medical and logistical advancements that have arisen therewith). Without burdensome governmental regulation, the free market, scientific ingenuity and technological advances, as with every other major societal challenge, will allow us to adapt to whatever happens with the climate. This is an optimistic view based on the benefits already reaped from technology.  Any failure to adapt will be related to the extent that tech is handcuffed by regulation in its ability to respond to whatever climate may do. [We are, after all, a tropical species.]

In an earthly, material way, I am confident free-market technology and innovation will “save us” to the extent we need saving.  Outside earthly material concerns, the ethical, spiritual and moral decline (including the cancer of socialism and the mass abdication of Judeo-Christian Biblical morals) is far more likely to be our downfall as a civilization!  Not the climate, to which humanity can adapt quite well if we let focused sci-tech (especially but not exclusively private sector) on it, and not just fling taxpayer money about willy-nilly.  Throwing money at problems doesn’t solve them.  Nor does forcible wealth redistribution at governmental gunpoint.  Instead, focused ingenuity and innovation do.

As for energy, I favor a gradated, economically neutral to gainful, “all of the above” approach toward less-polluting sources. Those who are advocating total cessation of fossil-fuel use are welcomed to do so:  put their money where their mouth is and stop using them right now, today, otherwise it’s pure sanctimony and hypocrisy. I give those who advocate an end to fossil fuels, yet still use gasoline or jet fuel in any form for their own personal transport, no credibility in the argument whatsoever. Not to mention those who use petroleum-based plastics or lubricants in any form in their lives!

And that is my position, as someone who is absolutely, positively, unquestionably, and indisputably not a “climate denier”. Warming is underway.  Let tech have at it.  Otherwise…

I simply have more important things to concern myself with in life, and don’t see good reason to prioritize nor get radical about it, aside from my trust in science and technology to offer economically viable adaptive strategies.  Most of the arguments I see flying back and forth on this issue, from all sides, are banal, repetitive, unoriginal, and uninteresting.  Let’s get real:  this issue bores me.  After this post and a previous (more detailed) offering of advice to all concerned, I’m done with it.

See, I am a fiercely independent thinker and follow nobody’s herd mentality.  My positions are right here, in your face. If you don’t like my brutally honest ambivalence about how to specifically respond to climate, as I often say: your problem, not mine. Deal with it.

One final quip:  isn’t it curious that the only home in my neighborhood with either solar PV panels and solar water belongs to a socially conservative, fiscally conservative, governmentally libertarian Christian couple:  my wife and I.  Looks like I put my money where others’ mouths are, even if they don’t.  Damnedest thing, huh?  Go stick the “denier” garbage where the sun don’t shine.


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