Scattershooting 180331

Scattershooting while wondering what became of integrity and honor in the highest reaches of government…

Heresy from the Pulpit: The most insidious and destructive heretics are those with the titles, “Reverend”, “Priest” or “Pastor”. Think about that. False teachers within Christianity do far more to undermine it than any external attackers ever can.

Public Figures Are Fair Game, even if they are outspoken teenagers. The notion that those teens of Parkland, FL, who have chosen to become publicly outspoken, are immune from criticism or debate because they’re technically minors, or because they saw horrible things, is absurd and irrational. Such argument is emotional—thus, not logical or reasoned. When you voluntarily thrust yourself into the public eye with media appearances while offering controversial opinions, like it or not, you now are a public figure. With that comes criticism. Those who disagree with them have the unfettered First Amendment right to say so, in whatever manner they choose. Sometimes it’s not nice. That’s the brutally honest truth. Even if they are being manipulated and used by the leftists among media and Soros-backed powers that be, as I believe, their actions still are chosen. Public figures are not sacred, and do not get an immunity card just because they endured a traumatic experience. They should deal with it or withdraw from the spotlight.

Prostituting Storm Chasing for a Quick Buck: I hate to say I told you…aww bullshit, to be brutally honest, no I don’t. It is satisfying to be correct. You bet it is. If that’s a flaw of mine, so be it. And yes, I told you so, starting in the late 1990s, that this was going to happen, the market is saturated, has been for a decade or more, and I shed no tears. Two different people’s comments on social media:

    “Chasing don’t (sic) pay any more anyway. To (sic) many free cell phone videos out there for me to bust my ass any more. If I have nothing to do I’ll chase and just keep my video’s (sic) now days (sic). “

    “I gave up hope in getting paid 2 years ago actually. I know people still are but it’s so cutthroat that I don’t care to try anymore.”

Maybe storm observing really is not about how much money you can make off a loud, screaming, shaky, self-glorifying video offering, but instead…drumroll: appreciation of storms! Maturity and reality are combining to teach what I espoused long ago. Welcome to the right side.

Stop Using “(Sic)”? Why? It signifies error in original quoted text: not my error, but the writer’s. If your text is quoted and you don’t like my tagging those errors, simple solution: write better. If you didn’t write the text and the tags bother you, simple solution: stop reading. Nobody forced you here.


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