Scattershooting 180314

Scattershooting while wondering if any in the Soros-controlled media have half a conscience about using those Parkland kids as pawns to push their radical, extremist, totalitarian gun-removal agenda.

Today I have a few longer entries. If you have a thick skin, and you won’t regret entering the gallery. If you don’t, go reread See Spot Run instead. Onward…

EXPUNGE TOXIC PEOPLE from LIFE — A PHILOSOPHICAL BASIS: Classical stoicism and Christian worldview (as opposed to religious practice) share many common philosophical underpinnings. Given their geographic commingling and conterminous nature in the Greek/Roman power era, this is no surprise. To the substantial extent stoicism is consistent with Jesus’ teachings, this is a good thing! Among the common virtues are: self-control, fortitude, overcoming adversity with dignity, personal responsibility for one’s behavior, ethical/moral well-being, calmness with emotional discipline (anger control, shedding of envy and jealousy). Properly swap in God for “Nature” in the stoic upholding, since He created nature: “Virtue consists in a will that is in agreement with Nature.” [citing Russell Bertrand’s A History of Western Philosophy] There’s another remarkable commonality.

In that vein, I recently read a nice little article by Darious Foroux that offers wise advice for any age: Stop Giving Toxic People Your Time. The essay self-advertises its roots in classical, secular Stoicism, but is consistent with the Christian worldview as well. As such, it’s good for all of us, secular or religious. Who are toxic people in your life or workplace? Quite simply: liars, cheaters, manipulators, backstabbers, thieves (whether of stuff, money or time), and of course the sociopathic. In short, as the article notes, avoid close associations with people who don’t have values. They will bring you down into dark places if you let them. Instead, seek out the strongly moral and the virtuous as friends and role models, acknowledging of course that nobody is perfect, and everybody sins. Perfection isn’t the point, virtue is.

EMASCULATED “MEN” and DEARTH of FATHERHOOD: The wussification of American “men” is well underway and has been for much of the past 15-20 years, maybe more. Too few dads are willing to teach their sons what manhood means! From the Christian-worldview perspective, it means being mentally and physically strong and sturdy in keeping with our God-given biology, while at the same time, servant leaders of households (wife and children) — loving and benevolent, present for them, while also decisive and wise, and firm without cruelty in discipline of kids…and never, ever abusive or manipulative! It means real strength — authentic strength of mind, body and spirit, not the trendy fad-word “vulnerability”. The “vulnerable man” gets used, taken advantage of, beaten up (literally or figuratively), his self-advertised weaknesses readily attacked by human predators, and in the end, he is discarded like yesterday’s garbage when he is no longer useful to his manipulator(s). Unsolicited advice: instead of advertising your “vulnerability”, don’t advertise or hide it…just fix it, with authenticity!

The best outcome we can hope for from the feminist/leftist school-curricula indoctrination of (effectively or actually) fatherless boys, deprived of that sorely needed role model by a broken society full of broken families, medicated to a mentally awry extent on synthetic brain-altering chemicals from early ages, awarded participation stickers/trophies for mediocrity in academics and athletics, “educated” that Christianity is an outdated mythological construct for simple/stupid people, and emasculated psychologically through the feminism’s inherent misandry to believe men are not an equal gender but an inferior one, is that they somehow rebel in a constructive way and learn to be a real man regardless. That has to be rare.

The typical path is they grow into emasculated little pencil-armed leftist dweebs, bereft of strong father figures and therefore of any meaningful understanding of manhood as an ideal, instead perpetual victims “in touch with their feminine side”, and either wondering what the proper use is for that little bitty thing sticking out between bunghole and bellybutton, or ashamed of it. Sometimes the shame extends to a delusional, genetically absurd extreme of defying the XY chromosome and lopping that thing off, much to the insane approval of left-wing social engineers. The worst outcome is of the kind we saw from a deranged orphan in Parkland, FL. Fortunately that is rare also, but gets a lot of attention and is blamed on the wrong thing (guns). What we need are more Christian servant-leader fathers! I mean real fathers — expressively loving while grounded in solid morals, convicted to lead lives of personal and professional virtue, pillars of honor and integrity, leading households both directly and by example. Until we get back to cherishing that role (and that role model), expect more of the same. And more misguided blame…

TRUMP’s CONTINUED DEBASEMENT of HIS OFFICE and of CONSERVATISM: Speaking of personal and professional virtue, the Trump administration clearly lacks this. It’s no surprise. I have no qualms saying, “I told you so”, because it’s the brutally honest truth. I told you it was coming. It has. It will. I told you he would stain conservatism, despite the truth that Trump is not a conservative (but instead a pseudo-populist blowhard and con artist). He has and he will. I take neither pride nor comfort in this, because it’s bad for our nation. It’s bad for our nation to have leftism take over, which is exactly what will happen as a pendulum-swing reaction to this moron (who was a pendulum-swing reaction to an Obama administration that was highly dishonorable for other reasons). It’s bad for us all to have a highly unqualified, immoral and undignified President (regardless of nominal party affiliation) engaging in personal attacks on social media, paying hush money to a smut star over an alleged affair (while married to his third freakin’ wife, after publicly cheating on at least his first!), and firing cabinet members left and right. Donald — if you were going to let ______ go (fill in any name among many from Tillerson on back), why did you hire him/her in the first place? That shows a horrifying lack of either personal or professional judgment, or both. Yet as Mark Levin recently stated, Trump didn’t know Rex Tillerson from Rex Reed or Tyrannosaurus Rex. That’s readily apparent. Get it right the first time, you big blowhard! Apparently that’s too much to ask from someone so administratively incompetent. His ineptitude makes even the notoriously naive, facile, over-his-head Obama’s look sanguine by comparison.

Look, dear reader: as you probably have found, I think independently, am beholden to no party line, follow no herd of lemmings. I will not hesitate to praise what Trump has done right (Gorsuch, Mattis, Haley, agreeing to meet the pot-bellied Nork dictator depending on results), nor wrong (see above, plus steel/aluminum tariffs, tone-deaf responses to several incidents, vile and immoral utterances almost weekly, and too much else to list in brief). Hard as it is to imagine, the alternative was at least as awful. At the same time I am so glad Hillary is not President that even I, one of uncommonly gigantic vocabulary, have inadequate words to describe my relief. I just want to reiterate, for the record, that I did not vote for this a**hole either, and wish he were not the alternative to the unadulterated and multifaceted evil that the Clintons would have unleashed upon us from the White House. Where is the stoic, wise, knowledgeable, strong, intelligent, dignified statesman with a foundationally unwavering Christian worldview, who can and should be our Presidential leader and representative to the world? Will we ever have another?

FEDERAL CRIMINAL CHARGES NEEDED for “SANCTUARY” OFFICIALS: The Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf, and other radical left-wing state and local officials enabling and hiding illegal aliens, need to be taught this: illegal immigration is…illegal, under Federal law. Wow, what a revelation! An illegal act is illegal! So is aiding and abetting commission of a Federal crime by harboring fugitives, and also, warning them that law enforcement is coming. That makes her an accessory to a Federal crime. There is no need to over-analyze here. This is very straightforward. In addition to obstruction of justice, which is being considered, she should be charged and put on trial for harboring fugitives, and aiding and abetting a Federal crime: one count of each per illegal alien involved.

“SCATTERSHOOTING” IS HERE TO STAY; DEAL WITH IT: Finally, a misguided mind, whose name is withheld to protect his/her tender and insecure little ego, and whom I care about despite (and perhaps because of) their need for re-education to reverse years of high-school and university indoctrination in the ways of the passive-aggressive virtue signaler, recently suggested that I stop titling this periodic entry, “Scattershooting”. You can guess why.

Short answer: “No.” Long answer: “Hell no”. Longer answer: If you do not have the mental wherewithal to separate the figurative from the literal, nor the metaphorical from the tangible, nor to realize that being offended is a choice, I suggest going back to Romper Room and playing in the safe-space sandbox. Nobody forces you to read this. Yet ya did. Can’t take the heat? Stay out of the kitchen. Sometimes we all need to hear things we don’t want to hear. Call this love — tough love.


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