Scattershooting 171126

Scattershooting while wondering why Jason Garrett could be retained as Cowboys coach after this season, when it’s so clear he has either zero, or negative, influence on performance… … “BLACK FRIDAY” MATERIALISM: Here we go yet again with more pathetic stories of “Black Friday” violence and mayhem. I’ve already spoken my piece about this festering […]

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Roy Moore and More and More

All who do such deeds, and who claim to be Christian regardless, are deeply broken people who so desperately need the Lord’s grace, forgiveness and redemption, and need to return to Jesus far more than to have any public political office or Hollywood job.

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Independent Advice for Players in Climate Science and Policy

Remember this fact (and it is fact): while we are commanded to love our neighbor and be stewards of the Earth, Jesus never said, “Love thy neighbor using government as proxy”, or, “Steward Earth by using our rulers as monetary shakedown goons.” If you think he did…well, I used to live in Missouri, so…show me, those specific words, using any Bible translation you wish. I’ll not hold my breath waiting.

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