Roy Moore and More and More

Pedophilia, rape, statutory rape, sexual abuse, and sexual coercion of any sort (whether on the job or otherwise) are wrong, and evil…period. No ambiguities or “what ifs” exist there. I should not have to state the obvious, but there it is — and most definitely not in response to any demands for such a statement. It is simply a fundamental truth of my Christian, sociopolitically conservative worldview.

The standard should be no different for any actors, celebrities, public officials, or politicians — whether with a label of D or R. It doesn’t matter of the sexual miscreant is Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, or Bill Clinton. If he is guilty, he shouldn’t be kept in a position of authority in the private sector, nor elected to public office. If they are guilty, they should go to jail too; alas, for Moore’s case, the legal statute of limitations long since has expired for his accused acts in Alabama.

Ted Cruz had the best response I’ve seen from any of the politicians, so far:

    “One of two things should happen: If these allegations are true, Judge Moore should drop out now. Today. The people of Alabama deserve to have the option of voting for a strong conservative who has not committed criminal conduct. Or two, if these allegations are not true, then Judge Moore needs to come forward with a strong, persuasive rebuttal demonstrating that they are untrue.”

    Both last week and this week, there are serious charges of criminal conduct that if true, not only make him unfit to serve in the Senate but merit criminal prosecution. Judge Moore, like any American, is entitled to present a defense. He’s entitled to put forth the facts demonstrating that the charges are not true, but as it stands, I can’t urge the people of Alabama to support a campaign in the face of these charges without serious, persuasive demonstration that the charges are not true.”

Yes, the timing is suspicious — right after the Alabama Republican primary and not before…why? A valid question! Still, given the detailed allegations at hand, and their apparent credibility, from the large variety of people making them who do not know each other, Moore should step down and make room for a conservative candidate without such a shadow overhead, as Cruz also has stated.

What I do mind here is the hypocrisy on the left, as Matt Walsh so forcefully elucidates in a recent essay:

    “Bill Clinton, who held a position far more powerful than Senator from Alabama, was credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. Right around the time that Roy Moore was allegedly seducing teenage girls, Bill Clinton was allegedly pinning Broaddrick down on his hotel bed, biting her lip to keep her from screaming for help, and brutally raping her. And Clinton’s alleged predatory behavior didn’t stop once he reached the White House. While there, allegedly, he sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey, kissing her without consent and forcing her hand onto his erect p___s. [Partly edited to avert bot censors.] He also exposed himself to Paula Jones shortly before becoming president, allegedly. Yet he was made president, and then made president again, and then liberals tried to put him back in the White House last year by electing his wife, who allegedly led the campaign to silence and discredit her husband’s victims.”

The left’s (and much of the right’s ) outrage at the Moore allegations is justified. Now where was the left’s outrage at this behavior from one of their own? I believe Juanita Broaddrick. When was the last time you saw anyone on the left say that? Very telling…

As for the right, any preachers or conservatives who are defending Moore at this time are terribly misguided and not living up to moral righteousness demanded of us. They should stop doing so, repent, and seek forgiveness immediately. Moreover, as with many who preceded them, they are unwittingly feeding the Beast — Satan, that is, who plays the long game. Satan has planted pedophiles and other sexual miscreants within the Church for hundreds of years (whether lay or priest) in an attempt to divide and conquer. I can see right through Satan’s anti-Christian tactics in this regard, and they continue today. Case in point:

The red label is mine. [Yes, a Christian can use the word “bullshit”. I just did. Sue me.] The claim that Christians “own this” is absurd, of course, in light of the facts that
1) Pedophilia violates the Christian worldview at least as much as it does the so-called “11 rules” claimed there, [as if “rules” alone stop sin anyway, hah!]
2) It long predates Christianity, which doesn’t “own” any sin. In fact, Jesus, when truly followed in deed as well as word, frees from all sin. This is where the laughable ignorance of Satan and his “church” comes into play.
3) Such conduct is worldwide, and exists among self-proclaimed followers of every faith or no faith at all; as noted below, “this stuff is everywhere”.

Yes, pedophilia and rape have been going on for thousands of years. So have other ghastly behaviors that fall outside God’s firm, unambiguous, monogamous, husband-wife-only sexual prescription, such as: adultery, promiscuity, bestiality, homosexuality, self-mutilation (e.g., sex “change”), pornography and related exploitations, Islamic genital mutilation of girls, ancient Chinese gelding of boys, and many more. While forced acts are evil, even “consent” is not particularly relevant. Consent to commit sin doesn’t eliminate the fact of sin. Consensual deviancy still is evil — and a more insidious form, in that it is evil disguised as “love” — another part of Satan’s plan. So spare me the “consensual” argument; it is irrelevant in the big picture. Wrong is wrong is wrong, even when the act of wrong is mutually agreed.

Yet a lot of sexual misdeeds are coming out of the woodwork in this era of instant publicity and social media. As Matt Walsh also elaborates bluntly in a different essay, when we throw aside societal mores against sexual deviancy, what else should we expect?

    This stuff is everywhere. It really can’t be broken down on political, or religious, or even gender grounds. Men seem more likely to be the abuser, but the problem is not exclusive to them. Though we tend to brush these kinds of cases to the side, the fact remains that an enormous number of female teachers have been found guilty of sexually harassing or assaulting their pubescent male students. Any attempt to place the blame on one particular group falls apart. The crisis it too widespread. It encompasses too many different types of people. It has leaked into too many corners of our society.

    It appears that there’s a serious problem with our culture as a whole. Of course, the first problem with our culture is the same with every culture: we are a fallen and sinful species. But our fallen and sinful nature seems to be manifesting itself more and more in the form of degeneracy and sexual predation. Why?

I know why. Christian worldviews, when truly and authentically lived, do not endorse nor commit these sins! The Christian worldview is being abandoned more and more, every year, all the time. All who do such deeds, and who claim to be Christian regardless, are deeply broken people who so desperately need the Lord’s grace, forgiveness and redemption, and need to return to Jesus far more than to have any public political office or Hollywood job.


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