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Scattershooting while wondering why Mike Stoops is still OU’s defensive coordinator…nevermind: nepotism.


While many on social media are still wasting time playing “masters of the obvious” by sanctimoniously reminding everyone that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are part of the U.S. (duh…of course they are…and 2+2=4 as well!), real military/governmental aid has arrived, is happening around-the clock, with more on the way. The latter is great news, and a development not covered to such an extent in the sensationalistic, corporate media as in this piece from USNI. The nonprofits (Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, etc.), churches, and NGOs are swarming in to PR and USVI as well, and will remain after the media move on to the latest celebrity “scandals”. But help is happening and more is on the way, even if you are not being told about it. Pragmatically, the help can never be good enough, and the reality is that the scope of destruction and misery are large. Sadly, lives will be lost. The flip side: far more lives are being saved. The lives that are saved don’t get counted and mostly aren’t publicized. Those whose lives are spared by this aid may not even know it. But be assured it’s happening. Please keep donating at the links I provided so it can keep happening.

Winning ugly is still winning. The won/lost column doesn’t include style points. Watching the last 2-1/2 quarters of the hard-fought yet palliative Blue Star win in Glendale against the Cardinals, I was thinking, “this is how we win, whether we do tonight or not…get back to pounding it and keeping them honest with the deep ball!” The Denver debacle partly was the result of an amazing defensive scheme by them, with exactly the right personnel by the Broncos; Bruce Arians was spot-on in that pre-game assessment of the Cowboys. Yet he knew his team didn’t quite have that level of players, and could be worn down — he not-so-subtly hinted at such himself, before the game! And so it went. Recall in Denver how close the first 2-1/2 quarters were before the game got away. It also was a coaching and player-execution problem in terms of wandering astray from a formula that has won the Cowboys over 70% of games started by Prescott and Romo the last few years. The QB should be throwing less, but deeper. Instead of going into details that would be largely redundant with the following, I’ll simply present the following: a good analysis of what turned around and some improvements still to be made from Bryan Broaddus.

There is that moment before the car door slams shut on the hand, or you’re sailing through the air over the handlebars of that bicycle, or those yellow jackets are swarming out of that hole in the ground beside the lawn mower, or that tree limb you thought you ducked enough to miss is closing in fast at eye level, where you realize things are about to get more painful. The flip side is thankfulness it wasn’t worse!

In this masterfully conceived column, Matt Walsh summarizes the problem with the poisonous combination of leftism and liberal Christianity well:

“Christians are “free” to think whatever thoughts they want in their heads (a generous concession, to be sure), and they’re “free” to be as religious as they want while within the walls of designated religion buildings, but anything beyond that is oppressive. Meanwhile, Leftists can force you to make a cake, they can force you to share the bathroom with the opposite sex, they can force you to fund the abortion industry, they can force you to pay for their birth control, they can force all sorts of beliefs and doctrines on your kids in the school system, they can literally march down the street half naked in a celebration of sodomy and hedonism, and none of that can be construed as oppressive. In fact, you’re oppressing them by objecting to it.

“It’s truly amazing that they’ve been able to frame the argument this way. Somehow, they succeeded in redefining “force” as “refusing to do what we tell you.” They were greedy in their lie, and it paid off. Rather than being satisfied with shoving their ideology down our throats and pretending they haven’t shoved it down our throats, they went for the home run and claimed that we’re shoving our beliefs down their throats by not swallowing whatever crap they feed us. And they got away with it. Many Christians have bowed down and apologized for not being quite submissive enough, and now they lay their like beaten dogs, awaiting instructions from their cultural overlords.”

Those are the so-called Christian Left, whose title is literally true when you read “left” as a verb, and who have fallen for (and genuflected to) the idol of worldly cultural fads, while losing sight of divine righteousness.


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