Scattershooting 170322

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the concept of “taking the time to do it right”.

MARVELOUS ENDING to a PLATTE RIVER JOURNEY: Since we haven’t done it in ten years (too long!), Elke and I headed up to the Platte River two weekends ago to view, photograph and appreciate the sandhill crane migration gathering. In short, a staggering number of them — half a million at peak presence — assemble to roost in the river each evening and disperse near sunrise to fatten on waste corn and other food for a few weeks, before their long trek to the Arctic latitudes. This year they arrived a couple weeks early, so we caught that peak. After two days of generally unfavorable photography conditions, windy with dark overcast, it all broke with bright sunshine and a double rainbow during the magic hour. Photographing a rainbow is fun. So is photographing sandhill cranes. Photographing sandhill cranes in a rainbow? Special indeed. [Another shot] Want to see a little video and audio of the spectacle? Elke posted a video on Vimeo.

ON A PART OF CAFETERIA CHRISTIANITY: Common refrains from “cafeteria Christians” of all political persuasions, but far more commonly the left:

    * “No God of mine would…”
    * “A God worth worshipping wouldn’t…”
    * “My God is only god of love…”

Really? Please don’t embarrass yourself by saying such things. Who is measly little you (or measly little me!) to judge God Almighty? He’s the omnipotent, all-knowing, eternal, perfect, universal authority on everything. He judges you and me, not the other way around. Simply by virtue of not being God, you and I are automatically ineligible to judge Him, or to project our imperfect human standards or behavioral restrictions upon Him. It is not our place to impose our morals on God, but instead, to change our morals to match His. Furthermore, the last statement is patently false; His wrath and anger and even jealousy are well-documented Biblically. Stop trying to mold God into your image (selfish) and start trying to mold yourself to His (selfless).

BAKER MAYFIELD’S DRUNKEN ERROR: I’ve often disagreed with Jenni Carlson, but her suggestion here seems the most reasonable on the spectrum of possibilities for dealing with Baker Mayfield’s night of inebriated stupidity in Arkansas. Plus he’ll likely serve out legal probation as a first-timer. I’d just go a little further and strip him of his team captaincy pending atonement actions involving real community service and PSAs involving alcohol abuse. Yes, that’s collectively more than the standards for the average drunken dumb-ass incident in college; but as she noted, he is the face of the program and should be held to higher accountability. And if he has a drinking problem (rumors, not publicly substantiated), then treating that obviously would be highest priority. Baker is not a stupid guy, but he surely acted like one; and he will (must) learn from this. It’s obvious in other ways that he has high intelligence and great leadership potential, whether in football or whatever field he pursues. I hope he realizes that and casts aside this demon before it takes over and derails a promising future.

ROOTING for SPORTS TEAMS with IMPERFECT PEOPLE: On a related note: recently I was asked, how can I root for the OU Sooners (and it applies to Dallas Cowboys too) when players have gotten into trouble off the field, or there is evidence of a “culture” of bad behavior (whatever that means–usually an unfortunate collection of incidents in a short period of time, by somebody’s fuzzy standard of judgment). I have news: not just any team, but our entire civilization, all of society, is broken; the culture of sin lies all around us, and within each of us. Let that sink in slowly. Then realize that regardless of any of their individual sinfulness, and mine, and yours, I still will root for those teams, avidly and as much as ever. The team is far more than the sum of individuals, and represents ideals and experiences for followers that go beyond and above the flaws of its singular human components. I can appreciate the game and pull for my favorite teams without admiring or endorsing the off-field behavior of certain individuals on those teams. No, that is not “cognitive dissonance”–it is awareness of reality and the enlightenment that follows therefrom.

Think about this: do you like a song by any musician who ever has used drugs, drank too much, or done something illegal? Do you love your sibling or parent or spouse even as you don’t approve of something he/she has done? Of course you do; and this is no different in concept. There’s no reason to hate the person or the work they do or the team for whom they play, because you disapprove of his behavior. There is reason to care enough to speak out against that bad behavior, to pray they are corrected away from it somehow, even to question and criticize team management if they seem overly permissive.

SUPERHUMAN “COLLABORATION” or METEOROLOGICAL CANCER?It’s interesting to receive “input” from someone in another weather forecasting office who admits to have just gotten on shift at the top of the hour. How does any mortal human being have time to get briefed, log in, load and spin up on workstations, perform thorough multiplatform analytic diagnostics, then dutifully complete prognostic examinations across the full suite of available deterministic and ensemble NWP out through two days, to arrive at a robust, 4-dimensional conceptual model of a severe scenario at 36-60 hours, in order to be able to offer a rich wellspring of meaningful “collaborative” input to a national outlook, all in 36 minutes? If that secret exists it will be akin to the Fountain of Youth or conquistadors actually finding the Seven Cities of Cibola. Or is it, as I suspect, far more likely to be blind-ass, quick-glance “model-casting” masquerading as meteorology? Or put as Len Snellman did: meteorological cancer…


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