Academy Award Celebrities: Take Your Medicine, Fools

I’ve long outgrown caring much about the lives of celebrity actors and their soft, sheltered, glitzy, fake little worlds of artifice, pandering, showboating, hypocrisies, immoralities, arrogance, ill-informed bully-pulpit opinions on issues outside their expertise of acting/singing, plastic people, and self-spotlighting melodrama. And as those who know me know well, I’ve never cared much for the overall concept of ceremony, and any of the artifices involved. It’s also no secret that I consider leftism as a massive, seeping lesion on the face of civilization, with Hollywood being a continual source of some of that ideological pus.

Therefore, one quite correctly can surmise my level of deliberate and unapologetic disregard for Hollywood celebrity ceremonies.

Indeed, I last watched an Academy Awards show at about age 12 with my mom, on a barely-working hand-me-down TV, in an inner-city duplex full of roaches, seeing some actress awash in diamond and gold jewelry, and wearing a $10,000 dress, lecture others about feeding the poor. The latter told me all I needed to know.

I decided then and there that the Oscars was useless, wasteful, unimportant rubbish in the grand view of world affairs, as well as in the context of my own life and aspirations. “Just put out the movies and cut the crap; I’ll decide for myself if they’re worthwhile without the help of the actors’ mutual ego-stroking exercises in pretension.” [Yes, disturbing as it may be, the brutal truth is that I thought and wrote in such ways as a pre-teen. Time only has honed it!] So I was done with shows like that, never to be viewed again. Thus compartmentalized aside, life was free of one needless irritant.

And no, I don’t care to watch celebrity ceremonies in areas friendlier to my worldview, like sports or country music, either. It all simply strikes me as a huge waste of time, money, electricity, emitted carbon, and effort by everyone involved.

Yet when I read yesterday, from multiple sources, that some apparently famous actors (even I have heard of them!) announced the wrong “Best Picture” winner, then others had to correct them onstage, after the wrong winners already had started their acceptance speeches, it brought a smile to my face. Not that I was relishing others’ misery — indeed, it appears the actors reading the names simply were handed the wrong card. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong card…bummer for you, Faye and Warren. Oh well — you and your gigantic bank accounts will be just fine.

Instead, I delighted in the notion that, even if for a fleeting moment, a much-needed dose of humility was delivered to a group at large who likely hadn’t gotten a taste of such medicine in a long time, if ever. Outstanding! May lessons be learned by all involved, and not just about reading off the wrong card.


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